Zong Yili is the Minister of Public Relations of Wahaha Brand

On October 24th, there was news that Zong Xiaoli was the director of the Wahaha brand public relations department. It is understood that Wahaha’s brand public relations department was established this year, this department is responsible for the packaging design and brand promotion of the entire Wahaha products.

Since 2010, Zong Yili has been the president of Hongsheng Beverage Group Co., Ltd., Hongsheng Beverage Group Co., Ltd. has undertaken one-third of Wahaha’s product processing business, mainly engaged in food flavoring, mechanical mold, printing and packaging and beverage production. Wait.

It is worth noting that the relevant person in charge of Wahaha also said that Wang Qianglin, general manager of Wahaha Sales Company, and Li Fengyuan, the head of the brand marketing department, did not take up the original position at the beginning of this year and had already left Wahaha.

Zhu Danpeng, an analyst with China’s food industry, said that Zong Yili is the director of the brand public relations department. It can be seen that Wahaha is self-subverting in terms of brand and marketing, and wants to make breakthroughs in performance. “After the overall decline in performance in recent years, Wahaha is suffering from pain. The main reason for the poor performance of Wahaha is the marketing trader and the market brand director. Their thinking cannot keep up with the changes in the thinking and behavior of the new generation of consumers. Zhu Dan Peng said.

Data show that in 2013, Wahaha revenue reached 78.3 billion yuan, and began to decline to 72.8 billion yuan in 2014. In 2015, it dropped to 49.5 billion yuan. In 2016, it fell to 45.6 billion yuan. In 2017, revenue was only 45.073 billion yuan. . In the past few years, Wahaha Camp has shrunk more than 30 billion yuan.

In addition, Zhu Danpeng believes that Zong Yuli walked from the background to the front line, which indicates that Zong Lili will slowly take over Wahaha. Although Zong Lili had previously said: “For me, I don’t want to be a successor. Why do I have to inherit it? I don’t want to inherit a company, but I can have it. If I succeed, I hope to be able to Going to the merger and acquisition of Wahaha.” But in the eyes of the industry, in any way, Zong Yili will become the successor of Wahaha.