Yonghui Supermarket: need to dynamically adjust the 1000 Yonghui Life Store opening plan

On October 13th, on the second day of the “Double Eleven” E-Commerce shopping carnival, a news from Yonghui Supermarket sparked market attention. On November 12, Yonghui Supermarket responded to investors’ questions on the interactive platform and said, “It is difficult to complete the store opening plan of Yonghui Life Store. The company needs to adjust dynamically according to the big environment.”

The relevant person in charge of the Yonghui Supermarket Securities Department confirmed the above news to the “Securities Daily” reporter. “The total number of stores opened by Yonghui Life as of now is about 400. From the timetable, there are great pressures to start the 1000 stores at the beginning of the year. The person further revealed that the super-species store opening plan will also be adjusted from 100 stores opened during the year to a total of 100 stores.

In its 2017 annual report, Yonghui Supermarket stated that it plans to open new stores: 135 Bravo stores, 100 super-species, and 1000 Yonghui life stores. As of Yonghui Supermarket’s semi-annual report data, Yonghui lived until June 2018, and the national layout reached 285 in 10 cities. The super-species reached a total of 46 cities in 10 cities in June 2018. According to the data of Yonghui Supermarket’s third quarterly report, during the reporting period, the company opened 25 new green label stores, 137 Yonghui life stores and 10 super species. In the report period, 34 green label stores and 138 Yonghui life stores. 19 super species.

On November 12, the relevant person in charge of the Securities Department of Yonghui Supermarket confirmed in an interview with the “Securities Daily” that it will adjust the opening plan of the new retail business of Yonghui Life and Super Species, and the current Green Label of Yonghui Supermarket The store is more mature and is expected to complete the plan to open the store during the year. Yonghui Supermarket continued to promote the new retail strategy this year, and its super-species and Yonghui life were noticed by the market.

However, from the results of the semi-annual report and the third quarterly report, the Yonghui Supermarket has experienced a decline in revenue and a gradual decline in net profit. In addition, while accelerating the deployment of new formats, the related costs continue. increase.

Liu Hui, chief consultant of Beijing Huiyi Business Management Consulting Co., told reporters that there is no doubt that the integration of Internet thinking is still the trend of the retail industry. Whether it is Yonghui life or super-species is still offline stores, the operating pressure of online and offline integration is not yet mature, the cost pressure faced by the retail industry and thinner profits have challenged it.