Yintai Double 11 Report: Active digital members broke through 4.5 million

On November 14th, Intime Department Store handed over a brand new new retail report to the double 11 that had just passed.

It is understood that on the 1st to 11th, the sales of 59 stores nationwide increased by 37%, the same store increased by 36.7%, and the number of active digital members exceeded 4.5 million, an increase of 2.25 times.

Moreover, on the day of the double eleventh, the customer purchased the Yintai store’s goods in the Shangyu Street increased by 19.6 times; the Yijie Street sold a variety of 1 million items, such as Lancome Qingyi toner, Estee Lauder repair kit, Yuewang jewelry custom Bracelets, etc.

It is worth noting that when it completes the first single use of the new eleventh new retail network, it only takes 9 minutes and 58 seconds to deliver the goods to the customers.