When “Double 11” enters the aesthetic fatigue period, can technical blessing become an antidote?

“When fancy marketing becomes weak and boring, relying on technology to improve services or blindly antidote. In essence, under the support of Internet technology, E-Commerce rapid development reconstructs our life form, ‘Double 11’ from scratch Becoming a brand-new consumer scene is also constantly promoting the development and application of technology in this field. What’s more, the online shopping model of ‘people sitting at home and buying global good things’ is itself based on technology.”

The “Double 11” shopping festival is approaching, and the E-Commerce giants are already gearing up to compete for consumers. From the roar of “single dog” to the carnival of “hands-on party”, in the past 10 years, “Double 11” has changed from “Single Day” to online shopping festival, which is regarded as an epic consumer marketing. However, in the era of fragmented Internet, when the ever-changing marketing tricks are exhausted, consumers will inevitably fall into aesthetic fatigue under the violent bombardment. If the E-Commerce platform only relies on changing the soup and not changing the medicine, it will even make a knot for the sake of consumption. The chicken blood that will be given to the consumers will eventually fade away. After the novelty, there will be no more purchase desires. Will gradually taste the same chewing wax.

In the face of the “double 11” that is easily caught in the aesthetic fatigue, how should the E-Commerce platform break? It must be clear first that with the 2018 government work report on the “fixed tone” of the high-quality development of China’s economy, the era of high-quality consumption has come. For example, Jingdong Big Data shows that during the Golden Week of this year, sports services such as private training and competition registration increased by 529% year-on-year, and auto services such as maintenance and sparring increased by 693% year-on-year… Consumers’ attention from price to price Value, from product to service, consumption from quantity to quality, determines that improving service quality and optimizing consumer experience has become a more critical and urgent issue than preferential promotion.

When fancy marketing becomes weak and boring, relying on technology to improve services or blindly antidote. In essence, under the support of Internet technology, the rapid development of E-Commerce has reconstructed our life form. “Double 11” has become a brand-new consumption scene from scratch, and it is also constantly promoting the development of science and technology in this field. And applications, such as epoch-making mobile payments, financial products that solve the problem of consumer funds, white bars, and online shopping modules with social attributes, etc., not to mention the online shopping model of “people sitting at home, buying global good things” It is itself based on technology.

I want to let the gradually boring “Double 11”, and even the slowdown of E-Commerce continue to develop, the tricky marketing is just the flower of the brocade, deep cultivation of technology and good service, and constantly innovating is the vitality of the E-Commerce platform. Obviously, the E-Commerce giants are aware of this. This year’s “Double 11” has a lot of black technology elements – in the face of counterfeit pain points in online shopping, in order to ensure the quality of goods, there is an E-Commerce platform relying on blockchain technology. Build a blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform; use voice recognition to efficiently process user feedback to ensure that the problematic goods are not in the platform for secondary sales; apply smart shopping guide, AR/VR fitting, smart shopping cart, brush face payment, etc. to the cooperative brand. Offline store. Even for the logistics pain points of solving the “Double 11” and the desire to wear the package, the technology also has blessings, through the intelligent technology to improve efficiency and supply chain service globalization, the logistics distribution method is more intelligent and the distribution efficiency is more efficient. But what is the effect is still to be tested by the market.

From online and offline integration, to the novel “immersive” experience, more and more convenient and convenient mobile payment, “double 11” fancy gameplay, chaotic marketing means are just the appearance, technology is its core. Relying on technology to create a diversified consumer scene to serve consumers, the new consumption scenes appear in the slot and pain points, but also force the technology to continue to increase the code, such a virtuous circle should become the correct way to open E-Commerce services. As one of the most important platforms for major E-Commerce platforms, the “Double 11” is no exception. In the context of consumption upgrades, in order to meet consumers’ high-quality consumer demands and provide them with quality services, technology blessing will also become the key to the E-Commerce platform to break through in the chaos.