What are the new “routines” for the “Double 11” e-commerce?

When the annual consumer feast double 11 entered the final sprint stage, both major E-Commerce platforms and consumers have gradually entered the state. On the one hand, the propaganda campaigns of major E-Commerce platforms began to gradually develop. On the other hand, the online shopping people who have already hoped to wear Qiu Shui are also eager to move to the major E-Commerce platforms to start “finding targets”.

“What offers can’t escape the eyes of the masses.” Many online shoppers found that the “concessions” of E-Commerce platforms this year seem to come earlier than in previous years, and the “preferential” “likes” have also changed. In front of it, many online shoppers have already made an order early, and many online shoppers have been calling for a “routine” again by the E-Commerce platform.

E-Commerce platform relies on rushing to “first win”

Every year, the double 11, the most frequently published E-Commerce platform is the “battle report”. As the most timely data reflecting the transaction of the platform, the “battle report” is also regarded by the industry as one of the transcripts of the E-Commerce platform. However, this year’s “11” “Double Report” has appeared frequently before the “Double 11” has yet to come.

“The new E-Commerce platform fights a lot of double 11 latest data shows that as of November 2, 2018, the new iPhone has sold more than 120,000 units on the platform. Among them, iPhone XS shipments exceeded 60,000 units, XS MAX shipments The quantity exceeds 50,000 units, and XR shipments exceed 10,000 units.” When E-Commerce platforms such as Tmall and JD.com are still waiting for the mobile phone category of Double 11 to be launched, many have been announced. Its double 11 new iPhone sales “battle”. According to the Nanfang Daily reporter, it turned out that before the arrival of the double 11, the fight has already started its double 11 promotion activities, and the new iPhone has been pushed to a new low by means of a group. Many consumers have not waited for the double 11, Just under the temptation of low prices, “spelling” the next order.

“The ‘running’ of some E-Commerce platforms has indeed shaken the ‘patience’ of some consumers, and also let these E-Commerce platforms grab the double head’s ‘head soup’.” According to industry insiders, according to the past ten years Observing that the double 11 was originally the off-season of E-Commerce, because consumers will have the expectation of psychology, and at the same time, E-Commerce platform will not give too many discounts in order to accumulate the volume of double 11 and hope to be able to consume consumers. The force accumulates in the double 11 and then “explosion.” However, after the double 11 entered the tenth year, the E-Commerce formation appeared a “friends” that did not follow the routine.

The Nanfang Daily reporter learned that the membership E-Commerce gathering started the “Double 11” promotion as early as November 5, and the single-day sales exceeded the 588 million mark, setting a new record for the platform daily sales. When other E-Commerce platforms started the November 11th as a big promotion, the double 11 promotion that was gathered chose to end on November 11. In the interview, the gathering said that it has launched a 30-day platform to buy a premium difference policy, so that consumers can buy worry-free during the promotion period. However, in the eyes of the industry, such “running elements” such as the fight and the gathering have also subverted the traditional E-Commerce‘s view on the “sports promotion” traditional “routine”. “The accumulation of consumption power to the double 11 can bring very good-looking data to the platform, but it also brings a series of problems that have been plagued for more than 11 years, such as payment, logistics and distribution, and the promotion in advance or even delay, for sales. It seems that the impact is not big now.”

After paying the “deposit”, it will be turned into a new “routine”

“If you want to enjoy the ultra-low price of this year’s double 11, you have to pay the deposit first, and then wait until the double 11 to pay the last night. Isn’t this forcing everyone to stay up late to help the platform to brush the volume?” On many social platforms, for this year’s double The “new gameplay” of the 11-day deposit after the deposit was paid a lot of discussion.

According to the Nanfang Daily reporter from the major E-Commerce platforms, the promotion of the “deposit” method has become a common phenomenon from the early years of the case to the double 11 this year. The “deposit” promotion method is also full of tricks: some consumers can “deduct the price doubled” on the double 11 day after paying the “deposit”, and also get the double deposit on the same day after paying the “deposit” The number of places to buy; and the “deposit” to get the right to place an order one hour before the night of the double 11; more through the “deposit” can get the opportunity to buy goods at ultra-low prices, the seemingly simple “deposit” mode is The E-Commerce company “played out” a new “routine.”

“Although from a legal point of view, there is nothing wrong with the pre-sale model of the deposit, but when the deposit is linked to the problem of high price, low price and price fraud, there will be many disputes.” Cao Lei, the E-Commerce research center, is accepting the Nanfang Daily. During the interview, the reporter specifically reminded consumers that the “deposit” collected by the platform is different from the “deposit” that many consumers understand. “For the delivery amount of the deposit, there is no clear standard in our country’s laws, all of which depend on the setting of the merchant and the voluntariness of the user. This part is still a blank. However, if the merchant uses the deposit to make a profit in disguise, this is suspected of violating the law. Many merchants pre-sale. The consumer who needs to pay is basically a deposit. Although the deposit can be doubled, it seems to be very favorable, but if the consumer does not want to buy before paying the final payment, generally the deposit cannot be refunded (except for the special circumstances prescribed by law). The deposit can be refunded.”

However, Cao Lei also frankly said that for merchants, it is understandable to use a “deposit” to lock consumers. Cao Lei said that during the E-Commerce promotion period, the amount of special merchandise inventory is limited. In order to reduce the losses caused by the user’s arbitrary cancellation of orders, it is necessary to pay the deposit for pre-sales, because the user orders the random during the pre-sale period. If the sex is too strong, there is no guarantee for the merchant. “But the deposit should be reasonable and moderate.” Nanfang Daily reporter Ye Dan

◆Double 11 consumption reminder

First, rationally treat promotional propaganda and avoid impulsive consumption

During the Double 11 period, the E-Commerce advertised advertisements are easy for consumers to impulsively consume. Therefore, consumers are advised not to blindly purchase unnecessary commodities and be wary of price traps. It is recommended that consumers must understand the details of the promotion before online shopping, and pay attention to the screenshots of the retained promotions and the screenshots of the promises made by the merchants to avoid the rights and interests. damage.

Second, familiar with the rules, moderate purchase of daily necessities

Fresh and perishable goods are not available for return on the 7th. When purchasing fresh food, you should carefully check the production date and shelf life, and avoid buying a large number of temporarily unwanted products.

Second, judge the true and false, choose the formal E-Commerce platform

When shopping online, choose a shopping website with a large scale and high credibility. Remember to check the official website address. Don’t try to click on the transaction link or picture provided by the seller through WeChat, QQ, email, etc. to prevent the computer from being mishandled by Trojan software. Go to the “phishing” website.

Third, the amount of consumption for moderate consumption, beware of non-performing loans

In order to promote consumption, major online merchants (such as installment shopping platform, P2P loan platform, Taobao, Jingdong, 58 finance and other traditional platforms) have introduced the first-to-buy and lending methods, even for student groups with no fixed income or low income. Introduced a more convenient means of payment. While online lending brings convenience and affordability, there are hidden risks: the amount of borrowing starts is not high, and the doubled speed is fast, which makes borrowers overwhelmed.

Fourth, carefully understand the rules of the promotion activities to avoid consumer disputes

During the double 11 period, major merchants have a down payment system. The merchants stipulate that the consumer must pay the balance within the specified time after the deposit is paid in order to enjoy the preferential price. However, many consumers do not carefully understand the rules of the event, and even do not know the promotion methods. There are “feeling” that the payment cannot be made within the specified time, the order may be cancelled without any reason, and the deposit is not refundable. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers must understand the rules of the promotion before online shopping, keep a screenshot of the promotion and the promise of the merchant. Screenshots, etc.

Five, use a secure payment method, beware of information leakage

Try to choose a third-party payment platform for payment or cash on delivery. Don’t trust the other party to request direct transfer, remittance to a private account for any reason, and send payment by sending a payment link page or scanning a QR code. Be careful not to fill in or inform at will. Personal information such as your own ID number, bank account number, password, etc., to prevent the bank card from being stolen due to the disclosure of personal information.

Sixth, keep the transaction voucher, timely and effective rights protection

In the transaction process, you should pay attention to collecting and storing relevant online shopping evidence, such as: chat records, shopping records, shopping page screenshots, shopping bill vouchers, express orders, invoices, and so on.