Weishangjiang Lake under the new e-commerce law

Qingzi is going to work at the company next week.

She is a full-time purchaser, running a month in South Korea, staying for four or five days, returning to spend two or three days mailing to customers, and then taking orders for the next twenty days. This embarrassment will bring in a lot of benefits. In the future, this full-time business will become her sideline business.

Wei Shang Emily recently listened to people to persuade her to advertise less in the circle of friends, and more to forward micro-store links to avoid “touching the line.”

They have heard more or less the E-Commerce Law, which was passed on the afternoon of August 31 this year and will be implemented on January 1, 2019.

Although the heart of Qingzi and Emily still believes that the micro-business market is small, chaotic, scattered, and difficult to supervise, they have become more cautious and stand on their heads.

Tax is coming

The content of the E-Commerce law covers all aspects of E-Commerce operations, including clarifying the operational responsibilities of E-Commerce platforms, restricting individualized recommendation algorithms, and explicitly prohibiting the disclosure of user privacy.

However, these are far away for Qingzi, and she is concerned about paying taxes.

In the field of Haitao, there are many personal purchases such as Qingzi. A few years ago, a number of cross-border E-Commerce entrepreneurships emerged in China. By 2018, the head platform has gradually become clear. Tmall International, Koala Haitao, and Jingdong Global Shopping occupy the top three, and medium-sized players are small. Red books, honey buds, baby trees, pea princesses, etc. also occupy a place. The small players succumb to the squeezing of the giants, and the cloud monkeys global purchase, honey scouring and so on have been shut down. But no matter how the environment changes, the small business of individual purchasing is always worthy of customers, and they have a highly sticky connection with customers.

When I first heard about the E-Commerce law, Qingzi was shocked. If the tax is to be paid in full, the purchasing industry will be unprofitable. She calculated the account for the reporter. “For example, Givenchy powder, the price of Sephora is 595 yuan, the price I sell is 380 yuan, South Korea may only be in the early 300s. But if the tax is paid in full, our profit margin will be small.”

“If you carry the suitcase at the customs, it is usually paid 30-50%”, Qingzidao. If the mail is returned to the country for sampling, the purchase is subject to a postal tax. According to the General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 140 of 2018, the tax rate for cosmetics and toiletries is 50% and 25%. If the tax is paid in full, the cost of goods will approach or even exceed the domestic price. Overseas purchasing is meaningless.

She had also been detained at the Customs before. The current policy is to make up the taxes on the products in the suitcase. At that time, I paid a tax of 4,500 yuan. In fact, the one that was taxed was only a small part of the goods she brought – only the imported cosmetics needed to be picked up at the airport and loaded into the suitcases of the youth – many Korean products were before she arrived at the airport. It has been mailed and eventually arrived “safely”.

The chances of the customs inspections are also changing. Qingzi clearly feels that since October last year, the sampling inspection has become stricter. From time to time, there are people in the group. The hit buyers will send a message in the group to inform everyone of their position coordinates. “But actually it doesn’t help much, because customs inspection is a matter of luck.”

After hearing the wind, Qingzi looked for the “E-Commerce Law” and read it. After reading it, he was relieved. “There is only one or two mentions of this bill. Most of them are for the E-Commerce platform and the above operators, but everyone is too I have focused my attention on purchasing this industry.”

What drove her to finally decide to “semi-retreat” was not the crisis that E-Commerce law might bring, but the increasingly chaotic industry.

“From the beginning of this year, it is obvious that many scammers have entered the purchasing circle.” Talking about this, Qingzi is somewhat excited. She has made rough statistics with her friends. If a consumer buys cosmetics in different channels every time, the probability of buying fakes is 6-7 percent.

The deception has even included genuine purchasing, which has repeatedly squeezed their living space.

“If there are customers who want to buy urgent items, we will be out of stock, we will go to the purchasing group to ‘transfer goods.’ That is to buy from other generations, they will be directly sent to customers. The profit is relatively thin, but can retain the guests”, Qingzi Explain that this is very common in the purchasing circle. However, since the beginning of the year, the goods transferred from the group often have fakes, which will affect the true purchasing reputation. It is not useful to kick the suppliers out of the group. The similar phenomenon is not seen at all. Qingzi guesses that their strategy is to change the number and then join and re-supply fakes.

The goods sold through the hands of the real purchase account for only a small part, and the fake sellers in the name of purchasing, through the low price to form a competitive advantage, continue to sell through their own hands. In addition, it is not easy to identify the authenticity of the product. Some consumers may not find themselves stepping on the mine after purchasing.

The introduction of the “Electric Business Law” is also partly to solve the problem of the proliferation of counterfeit goods. It stipulates that any purchase requires the business license of both the purchasing country and the Chinese side. After discovering the fake goods, the responsible person can be directly positioned.

But how effective is the implementation? Qingzi still has doubts in his heart.

For those who do not apply for a business license for tax avoidance, for those who do not mind whether the other party has a business license at a low price, this group of people may exist forever.

With the approach of the new law, some purchases have exited, and the stock prices of some luxury goods and overseas beauty listed companies have plunged. Since October, the shares of LVMH, Burberry, Gucci parent company Kaiyun Group have fallen more than 10%. Japanese and Korean beauty brands such as Shiseido, Amore Pacific, LG Household&Health Care have not been spared.

In order to establish a stable price system, the brand has always been opposed to purchasing behavior. However, it can not be denied that the daily image of the nine-square grid that the purchasing people have made has become a free advertisement for the brand side, and their existence has also helped the brand to expand its sales.

“I will go to an Internet company to work next week, and purchasing will become a sideline business. There are also some purchasing friends who are starting to do micro-business, their customer base is still there, the credibility is still there, and there is a market for selling everything,” Qingzidao.

Weak strategy

Compared to purchasing, Weishang is still much more relaxed.

On the morning of the working day, Emily sometimes put some baby products in her car, which was booked by her colleagues. At lunch, she sent diapers, baby bibs, etc. one by one, and received a pink ticket from colleagues.

Compared to the youth who sent the products to all parts of the country, Emily’s customer base is much narrower, and most of them live in a fourth-tier city in East China like her. The city is small, but I don’t see my head and see it. A little further away, I have a car. The offline transaction is the way she sells 100 Norn.

Emily is willing to call herself an “organized micro-business”, she is the regional distribution of the company. The company is responsible for the supply chain, pricing system, and training. Her main task is to divert, so that more people can use and understand the brand, and the division of labor is clear.

After checking the reporters of Hunting Cloud Network, it was discovered that Bainuen was affiliated with Wanbang Cosmetics Co., Ltd. The company was established in 2013, but the products did not have much exposure until the beginning of 2017. They have five partners in their team. They were the first to start selling micro-commercials. Emily knew that one of the partners was the 100-none who joined three years ago, which is probably the time node for it to start the micro-business route.

For the E-Commerce law, Emily did not take the initiative to study, she relied on the organization, used to brush the group to listen to instructions. At present, there are two countermeasures that we have summarized. The first is to try to trade in cash. The second is to avoid publishing product information directly in the circle of friends.

She appears to be a layman for tax and micro-shops. “I don’t pay taxes now. Is it a compliance and a tax payment?”

A fact that has not been seriously evaluated by Emily is that the value of individual micro-business may be weakened in the future. After the implementation of the E-Commerce Law, all people who sell products in a circle of friends need to have a business license or an individual business license. A large part of the value of the micro-business is in the small circle of advertising in the circle of friends. When it is replaced by the micro-store link, can the original purchase intention of the customer be directly awakened by the picture?

For Benoun, the E-Commerce Law may even shake its system.

The reason why it can rely on micro-business to make rapid progress is to rely on the system, especially the three-level distribution and local promotion training. The price system of Banowen is extremely strict. The retail price of the terminal is 128 yuan, the VIP customer is 94 yuan, the regional distribution is 84 yuan, the total distribution is lower. When the online sales are sold to the offline, in addition to earning the product price difference, it can also be offline. The total sales are drawn.

Taking the development of the lower line as a bait, Bainuen inspires all micro-businesses to actively push. Emily first purchases the trials at an internal price, distributes them online, and anchors the intended customers. The old customers have a chance to naturally develop offline. The cost of purchasing the trial package is borne by the micro-business, and the promotion cost is passed on.

But if the E-Commerce Act is perfectly practiced, Emily can no longer receive the money directly, and all transactions will be moved to the micro store. The problem is that the micro-store is affiliated with Tencent. It is a big force to crack down on the three-level distribution. Even the small black dress that it invested in is blocked due to alleged distribution. Lost in the circle of friends, all the secrets will be spread out in the sun to clear the white, how can its distribution system continue, where does the driving force come from?

Emily didn’t think so far. Her solution was still simple and rude. She bought the goods home first, then traded on the sidelines, handing over the money and delivering it in one hand.

Simple but effective, cash transactions make it harder to find the trajectory.

The meal is also a micro-business, her three small team buy earrings from the factory, sell it to customers, and sometimes carry out pearl jewelry design and manual processing. Unlike Emily, her team structure is simpler. In addition, the meal of the court documents is more about the E-Commerce law.

“Before I flipped through the article, I didn’t make it clear about how to collect the tax.” The rice analysis is the first thing. “How can I identify the micro-business number and execute it? If the data is provided by the platform and identified, is it involved in the individual?” Privacy? After all, you can only determine that you are a micro-business by looking at your chat history and transfer history. If you rely on manual execution like gambling, efficiency and actual role, I think it may not be ideal.”

For the future, the rice meal is prepared to wait and see. “There is a small stall in any case, and the strike will be closed up.” The subtext is that the crackdown will continue to operate.

Watching this word reflects the survival of most of today’s micro-business.