Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise Registration

WeChat Marketing - Now is the time

  • Over 1 billion users
  • Everyone spends 50%+ of their time on it
  • You can chat, call, share and do much more
  • Companies are running their businesses on it
  • Brands are adopting WeChat marketing

WeChat Official Accounts

WeChat Official Accounts is a powerful way to do marketing on WeChat. With official accounts, we can gain followers, expose your brand and convert audiences into customers. There are 3 types of Official Accounts:

Service Account

Offers businesses and organizations more advanced interactions such as interactive web views, templated messages, and WeChat Pay to enable app-level capabilities

Subscription Account

Primarily targeted towards media and publishers to offer a new way broadcast content (limited to one broadcast per day)

Enterprise Account

(Only available in mainland China) Offers organizations a powerful set of tools for broadcast messaging, organizational directory management, and office automation

Create and Develop your WeChat Official Account

With our WeChat Official Account service, you can have your account set up in one week. We can also implement powerful functions into your account, everything is under your instructions:

Set up your Account in one week

We can set up any of their 3 types of WeChat Official Account for you. This includes registering with WeChat, document submitting, and communicating with WeChat team to ensure you get passed.

Write and Publish articles on your behalf

We do not only set up your WeChat Official Account, we run it for you. We can write, optimize and publish any content you would like your audiences to see.

Build Interactive Menus

We can define custom menus in your WeChat Official Account to give users quick access to features of your products and services.

Automate your Customer Service

We can build robots which are running in the cloud to automate your customer service. Your customer can chat with the robot and ask any questions.  

Implement Cards & Offers

We can deliver offers, membership cards, and discounts to your customers within your WeChat Official Account.

Build Location-based Services

We can access the location of users to deliver location-based services.

Promote your WeChat Official Account

Setting up your WeChat Official Account is step one, getting it to eyes of millions of users is even more important. We focus on bringing the best resources in the WeChat Eco-system to our clients and help you grow in a smooth way.

Work with Celebrities

We work with hundreds of celebrities on WeChat, each of them has millions of followers. They can promote your WeChat Official Account within their articles and messages. You can get a huge amount of exposure in a very short time.

Optimize your Content

We optimize your content so viewers will follow you at a very high conversion rate. They also re-post / share your articles with their friend circle.

Leverage Ads

We optimize your paid display campaign with WeChat Advertise System. Keywords and audiences are optimized so your WeChat Official Account will be promoted in a very effective way.

Promote your WeChat Official Account outside of WeChat

Promoting your account within WeChat is important, but you can also gain a huge amount of followers with our promotion outside of WeChat. We will spread your OR code on the net or even physically offline, people can follow you anywhere when they see our message.

Our Services

China Company Registration

Your Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in Free Trade Zones can be set up in one month. Whether it's Trading WFOE, Manufacturing WFOE, Consulting WFOE, or Food & Beverage WOFE, we can help! Besides that, you can also register Joint Venture Company and Partnership Enterprise. The process will be transparent as we don't make money by setting up your company, we focus on your success.

E commerce

Running your e-commerce stores in China is easy. We can assist you with opening stores on Taobao, tmall, JD and all other major e-commerce platforms in China. Our professional team can boost your sales in lightening speed. Order fulfillment is localized just as you fulfill domestic orders.

Marketing in China

Chinese consumers love foreign brands. We know you are doing well in your own country. Now is the time to bring your popularity into China. Our brand building team are all marketing gurus in China. We connect with top influencers in China and manage 100m+ fans on WeChat and Weibo. We do not just consult, we execute your marketing strategy. You can sit and watch the results.

Warehouse & Logistics

Wants to ship your orders from China? no problem. We work with selected warehouse and logistics companies in China. You can ship your inventory to Free Trade Zones tax-free. The tax will only be charged when you ship the products out of Free Trade Zones. All your inventories and orders will be traceable.

Financial & Tax

We can help you open business bank accounts in majors banks in China. We provide professional Tax & Accounting service in China. You can focus on running your business, we serve as your financial department in China.

Customer Service

When doing customer service we know you are thinking of the language barrier, Leave it to us. We can help you build a professional service team. They can be online 24/7 and customers' problems will be handled the Chinese way.

China Visa

We help you get your China working Visa within a month. It's Valid for 12 or 24 months and renewable. Your family can also come together with you.

Virtual Address & Virtual Office

Maintaining a physical office is expensive in China. Our virtual address solution works the same as a physical address. Now you can run your business virtually in China. Transactions flow through your bank accounts, sales are boosting but you are not required to be in China.

Register a Chinese Company

Joint Venture (JV)

A Joint Venture is a business arrangement in which the participants create a new business entity and share expenses, management responsibilities, and profits and losses.

Free Trade Zones

A free trade zone company is a company that incorporated in the Free Trade Zones of China. FTZ companies benefit from tax returns to tax-free import, etc.