Wang Xiaosong: 11.11 Jingdongda fast-moving all kinds of categories broke out. The characteristics of high-quality consumption are obvious.

Jingdong 11.11 Global Good Things Festival ushered in today’s climax. Beauty, fresh, maternal and child, food and other major fast-moving categories have exploded, and the growth momentum is strong. On November 11th, Jingdong announced the sales report for the entire promotion season as of the 10th. The senior vice president of Jingdong Group and the president of the large fast-moving business group Wang Xiaosong reflected the changes in consumption trends reflected in the sales of fast-moving consumer goods and fresh-food products. Made an interpretation. Wang Xiaosong believes that from the situation of double 11 this year, high quality consumption is the biggest feature.

Sales of Lux has surged nearly 70 times.

During the period of 11.11, whether it is imported fast-moving consumer goods, big brands and high-end brands, the sales of new and unique products with relatively high prices, or the sales of big brands and high-value products in the purchase are obvious, or the consumption of young users after 85 Focusing on quality, all of which demonstrates that high quality consumption is a major feature.

According to data from on November 1st to 10th, the sales of imported beverages was 600% of the same period of last year. The sales of fresh seafood in Thailand was 700% in the same period of last year. 500%, imported goods are obviously favored.

In addition, the big brands achieved explosive growth. On the day of the 11.1 day spike, the sales of Lux was nearly 70 times, and the Dynasty wine was 30 times of the same period last year. The high-end brands continued to exert their strength, and the sales of the luxury skin care brand The history of were four times that of the same period last year. SK-II sales were three times that of the same period last year. There are also new sales of exotic goods that are also attracting attention. From November 1st to 10th, the sales of Haidilao’s hot pot was 600% in the same period last year.

Wang Xiaosong also mentioned that Jingdong’s new business model also shows the characteristics of high quality consumption. Japan’s imported Kao diapers increased 200 times compared with the pre-activity, and Luzhou Laojiao liquor increased 200 times.

Unbounded retail sales brand sales are booming Jingdong treasurer sales increased by 1100%

The characteristics of hot sales and high-quality consumption are not only reflected in the online, but also reflected in the various online and offline integration channels covered by the Jingdong Unbounded Retail Strategy. The new one-stop sourcing platform of the new channel, Jingdong Treasures, has accumulated sales of approximately 1100% in the same period of 2017 from November 1 to 11, and the number of rockets has increased year-on-year.

7FRESH, a new unbounded retail species, is also driven by emerging technologies such as brush face payment, JD’s own quality supply chain guarantee, accurate forecasting and intelligent data collaboration to break the boundaries between online and offline, and reconstruct traditional fresh foods. Consumption scenario. During the Double 11 period, the high quality of 7FRESH was especially favored by consumers. The Australian Angus upper brain steak ring increased by 12 times compared with the same period of last month, and the daily food and beverage products increased by 31 times compared with the same period of last month.

Quality control and customer service are both grasped. User experience upgrades drive consumption during 11.11

Consumers’ purchase of products is not limited to one factor of product price, and it is more important to product quality and service. To this end, Wang Xiaosong revealed at the meeting that Jingdong Daxie’s focus on “quality control” and “after-sales” this year not only guarantees quality improvement, but also upgrades customer service, upgrades user experience, and also stimulates consumption during 11.11. Promoting high quality consumption has played an important role.

In terms of quality control, Jingdong Daxie Business Group built a “Total Quality Management System” this year, comprehensively upgraded the “Hell Baptism Plan” and realized the source chain anti-counterfeiting traceability. In the customer service, for the pre-sale, sale, after-sales process, the Magic Light Customer Service 2.0, Devil Training Camp, Consumer Guidance Expert, and differentiated services were created. This year, Jingdong Global launched 35 “safe buy” initiatives that have been loved by consumers.’s “after-sales decathlon” initiative has also become the industry benchmark with a 30-second response and an 11-second refund.

“We hope that through the implementation of these measures, we will enhance the user experience and create a sense of quality trust. NO.1, E-Commerce service NO.1, so that consumers can enjoy good things and services anytime, anywhere, not only at the shopping festival like 11.11. Wang Xiaosong said.