Vipshop will report: orders over 8 million 30% after 90 to buy anti-hair loss products

On the afternoon of November 11th, the E-Commerce platform Vipshop will release the double 11 first-day half-time report: the 12-hour order volume exceeds 8 million, and the sales contribution rate after 90% accounts for nearly 30%.

The data shows that for 12 hours of sales, Vipshop will account for over 97% of mobile sales, and PC will account for less than 3%. After 90%, the sales contribution rate will be nearly 30%. The favorite products are masks and skin care. Suits and women’s boots.

Among them, after 90, boys pay more attention to face value than after 80s and 70s, and girls pay more attention to fitness. After 90, the most popular makeup for boys is the eyebrow pencil. After 90, the most popular sports equipment for girls is sports shoes. The most popular sports equipment is the sports slimming machine.

Interestingly, from the 12-hour data, the proportion of 90% after purchasing anti-hair loss products has reached 30%, and no middle-aged people are lost.

At the same time, the differences in consumption between different regions are also interesting. Chongqing people love to buy masks, Jiangsu people bought the most warm autumn clothes, Xinjiang people bought the top three in the country.