Vipshop will hand in the luxury of Gina Fan into its exclusive e-commerce partner in China

On November 6th, Vipshop and the British luxury brand Kina Fan signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the first China International Import Expo, announcing that Vipshop will become the exclusive E-Commerce partner of Gina Van China.

It is understood that under the witness of the Ministry of Commerce, the Import and Export Bureau, the relevant departments of Guangdong Province and the representatives of the British side, Vipshop and Gina Fan held the “World’s First Launch Conference of Ji Nafan Diamond Shoes and Vipshop. Navan’s strategic cooperation signing ceremony.”

Gina Fan was founded in 2017 by the company of the second generation of the shoemaking family, Prof. Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat OBE and the three generations of the jewelry family, Reggie Hung.

Xu Huiqing, chairman of the Kina Vatican Group, said: “For us, the significance of the import fair is very unusual, because the original intention of the brand Gina Fan was to bring the aesthetic of the East into the global fashion world. Seeing the Chinese aesthetic. We hope that everyone at the import fair will know that China will lead the global fashion in the future.”