Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise Registration

Tmall - The Biggest B2C Marketplace in Asia

  • Own by Alibaba group and was once part of the Taobao platform
  • Over 400 million shoppers shop on it
  • Takes over 70% of the B2C market share in China
  • Made $25b+ sales volume on the single’s day promotion in 2017
  • All sellers are selected ones that either are successful brands or running big factories already
  • More than 70,000 brands globally are selling on Tmall

Types of Tmall Stores

There 3 types of Tmall stores focusing on different types of sellers.

Flagship Store

Merchant is the brand (trademark) owner or possesses exclusive authorization from the brand owner when opening their flagship storefront on Tmall.com

Flagship Stores may open under the following circumstances:

  • Store sells and acts on the behalf of a single brand that is owned by the merchant opening the store
  • Store sells and acts on the behalf of multiple brands that are all owned by the merchant opening the store*
  • Store sells and acts on the behalf of a multi-brand marketplace (service class trademark) owned by the merchant opening the store*

*Requires special approval from Tmall.com

Authorized Store

Merchant holds authorization documents from the brand owner to open a store on Tmall.com.

Authorized Stores may open under the following circumstances:

  • Store owner is authorized to sell products from one brand
  • Store owner is authorized to sell products from multiple brands, but all brands belong to the same entity*

The authorization documents from the brand (trademark) owner must not be subject to regional restrictions and the period of validity must not end before Dec 31, 2020.

*Requires special approval from Tmall.com

Specialty Store

A merchant who sells products of two or more brands that belong to the same product category.

Specialty Stores may open under the following circumstances:

  • Store sells products from two or more brands that the merchant does not own
  • Store sells products from a brand (trademark) owned by the merchant and also sells products from a brand not owned by the merchant
  • Store sells products from two or more brands that the merchant owns

A single merchant may only apply to open one Specialty Store within a single product category.

Tmall Market Research

We do very detailed research before bringing your brand to Tmall. The research includes high-level category research, consumer behavior research, to low-level keywords research, competitor research, and traffic sources research.

Category Research

Our category research will find out how much is the sales volume in each day/month/year in your specific category, who are the top 10 sellers in your category, what is the top 50 best selling products in your category and how much sales they are getting. Category research will give you a high-level understanding how competitive your category is and is there any chance you can survive in that category.

Competitor Research

Competitor research will dive deep into each of the competitor in your category. We will find out their sales volume, top selling products, average order price, estimated products cost, estimated margin rate, main traffic source and much more information. Your competitors' business will become totally transparent in front of you.

Keywords Research

Our keywords research will find out top 500 keywords in your category, what is the search volume of each keyword, is there any negative/ relative phrases, what is the average bidding price of each keyword, how much sales volume each keyword is driving, what products are getting the most traffic of each keyword, and much more.

Ads Research

Our Ads research will find out the top 50 ads in your category, the related keywords, the average bidding price, the time frame the ads are running, the audiences the ads are targeting,  which sellers are running those ads, and if it's possible to improve those ads.

Consumer Behavior Research

Consumer behavior research will find who is buying the products from your category, what is their age, are they male or female, what is their income, what time in each day so they shop most, etc. With this research, you will know who will be buying products from you.

Traffic Source Research

Tmall itself is not the only traffic source, you can have many traffic source from outside of tmall, such as Baidu, blogs, WeChat, etc. Our traffic source research will find out the top 5 traffic sources for each of the top 5 sellers in your category, so you will know how they are promoting their products.

Product Margin Research

Ultimately we sell products on tmall to make money, so it's very important to understand how much of the cost of each part of the business, only this way you can price your products correctly. Our product margin research will find out the cost of ads, platform fees, logistics, warehouse, and packaging, etc.

Running Your Store on Tmall

We provide managed services to run your store on Tmall. This includes market research,  store opening, product picture/video shooting, product listing editing, listing products, promotion, running ads, optimizing your listings, drive traffic from outside Tmall, warehouse and logistics management, order fulfillment, and customer services.

Market Research

Market Research is the first of entering a market. Other than wasting your investment, we'd rather suggest you not to start you Tmall store if your product is not competitive.

Store Opening

We open the right type of store for you in 2 weeks. You must register a Chinese company to open a store.

Image and Video Shooting

Better product images and videos will definitely bring you more sales. We work with selected models in China to shoot your products. All images and video are at the highest standard and are all customized for your Tmall store. 

Write your Product Listings

Tmall is unlike any of the other marketplaces, you have full control of your product listing page. We will write your listing in the Chinese way, with the right keywords, and with beautiful images and videos that can attract visitors' eyes.

List your Products

Listing your products the Tmall way will let your listing gain more exposure. Our professional team understands the Tmall policies very deeply.

Run and Optimize Ads

Without ads, you can not survive on Tmall. Our team will optimize and maintain your ad campaigns on the go to guarantee you get the most out of your ad budget. 

Run your Promotions

Promotions mean a lot to Tmall sellers as it accounting 30%+ of your sale volume. Most sellers get 10% of their one-year sales on the single's day. Running successful campaigns is not only a technical job but also a relationship management job, which means you have to keep a very good relationship with your Tmall account manager. Our team has been working with Tmall for so many years, and we have very deep connections with the Tmall team, so you get the promotion resource ahead of other sellers.

Warehouse and Logistics

Work with the right warehouse and logistics supplier can save you a lot of time and money. Our warehouse and logistics partners are elaborately selected. Their services have been tested by thousands of sellers and prices are also reasonable.

Packaging and Order Fulfillment

We pack and send out your orders within 24 hours. Our ERP system enables us to track and manage each of the single order. Customers can also track the status of their parcel once the package has been sent. Each of the parcels is insured by the insurance company and all damages will be covered.

Customer Service

We chat with shoppers 24/7 to guarantee each customer is happy with your product and service.

Our Services

China Company Registration

Your Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in Free Trade Zones can be set up in one month. Whether it's Trading WFOE, Manufacturing WFOE, Consulting WFOE, or Food & Beverage WOFE, we can help! Besides that, you can also register Joint Venture Company and Partnership Enterprise. The process will be transparent as we don't make money by setting up your company, we focus on your success.

E commerce

Running your e-commerce stores in China is easy. We can assist you with opening stores on Taobao, tmall, JD and all other major e-commerce platforms in China. Our professional team can boost your sales in lightening speed. Order fulfillment is localized just as you fulfill domestic orders.

Marketing in China

Chinese consumers love foreign brands. We know you are doing well in your own country. Now is the time to bring your popularity into China. Our brand building team are all marketing gurus in China. We connect with top influencers in China and manage 100m+ fans on WeChat and Weibo. We do not just consult, we execute your marketing strategy. You can sit and watch the results.

Warehouse & Logistics

Wants to ship your orders from China? no problem. We work with selected warehouse and logistics companies in China. You can ship your inventory to Free Trade Zones tax-free. The tax will only be charged when you ship the products out of Free Trade Zones. All your inventories and orders will be traceable.

Financial & Tax

We can help you open business bank accounts in majors banks in China. We provide professional Tax & Accounting service in China. You can focus on running your business, we serve as your financial department in China.

Customer Service

When doing customer service we know you are thinking of the language barrier, Leave it to us. We can help you build a professional service team. They can be online 24/7 and customers' problems will be handled the Chinese way.

China Visa

We help you get your China working Visa within a month. It's Valid for 12 or 24 months and renewable. Your family can also come together with you.

Virtual Address & Virtual Office

Maintaining a physical office is expensive in China. Our virtual address solution works the same as a physical address. Now you can run your business virtually in China. Transactions flow through your bank accounts, sales are boosting but you are not required to be in China.

Register a Chinese Company

Joint Venture (JV)

A Joint Venture is a business arrangement in which the participants create a new business entity and share expenses, management responsibilities, and profits and losses.

Free Trade Zones

A free trade zone company is a company that incorporated in the Free Trade Zones of China. FTZ companies benefit from tax returns to tax-free import, etc.