Tmall double 11 consumption structure upgrade Low-priced goods are not the only choice

On November 11, the final transaction of Tmall Double 11 was fixed at 213.5 billion yuan. It also reflected the continuous upgrading of the consumption structure: new products sang the protagonist, quality, intelligent, personalized new products became the new darling of consumers, low-priced goods no longer Is the only choice.

New technology species are frequently robbed

Among the digital products of mobile phones, new products are especially popular. Tmall double 11 full-day turnover of 100 million pieces of TOP10, the new product occupied 6 seats. Within 25 minutes of the opening, the latest iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR all broke through 100 million.

Among them, 100% full screen + three camera has become the standard of the current flagship mobile phone, and has become a hot spot for Tmall double 11 consumers. Tmall double 11, Xiaomi slide full screen mobile phone MIX3 6 minutes broken million; Huawei Mate20Pro with Leica three photos + screen fingerprint unlocking technology also broke the billion.

In addition, the “new species” of home appliances that have liberated hands has also become the Tmall double 11 explosion. The Cobos DJ35 sweeping robot sold over 100 million in just 30 minutes; the opening of the fruit and vegetable washing machine increased by 290% year-on-year, and the intelligent robot increased by 120%. Smart appliances such as dishwashers, sweeping robots, and window-cleaning robots have become “new three” in family life after 80s and 90s.

Designer brand, street fashion sold out of stock

Nowadays, after the 80s and 90s, consumers have become the main force of consumption. For them, taste and personality are more important than price. Young consumers are more willing to choose designer brands and limited edition items in the consumption of clothes and cosmetics.

In the first hour of the Double 11 this year, the total sales of designer brands increased by 48% compared with the same period of last year; the Italian luxury brand VERSACE participated in the Tmall double 11 for the first year, and the opening of the five-minute opening would break one million.

In addition, Wangwang and Tyakasha co-branded T-shirt sweaters, national canvas shoes and GXG’s co-branded sweaters, as well as the national sweater Phoenix and Peacebird’s co-branded sweaters, were also snapped up.

Cross-border models, innovative beauty products and new products have also become the beauty of the people. Tmall double 11, opening 1 second, MAC powder gold warhead 3700 spot robbed; designed as a Want Want snow cake natural hall cushion BB cream sold out 20,000; net red perfume – smell library flagship store cool white open The fragrance lasted more than last year’s sales in 10 minutes.