The phone is going to change! Just now, the world’s first free-bending mobile phone officially launched in Shenzhen!

Almost everyone thought that after Jobs, there was no one after the smartphone.

Industry bosses Apple, Samsung and Huawei all take Jobs’s old book and are keen on “minimally invasive surgery”. The innovation is small and negligible.

Just as we waited to fall asleep, a start-up company in Shenzhen screamed and released a big move: the world’s first flexible screen phone was officially born!

It is foldable, bendable, and can be rolled up. When the news came out, the industry was boiling, the world was boiling, and Apple Samsung was completely dumbfounded.

One, 180 degrees free to bend, the world is awe!

Let’s make time back six years.

In 2012, Liu Zihong and three other graduates from Stanford University founded Softworld Technology in Shenzhen to develop high-tech products.

For example, as early as 2014, he developed a flexible display with a thickness of only 0.01 mm, which shocked the industry.

In the past few years, Liu Zihong has received a large number of capital giants such as IDG and CITIC. After the E+ round in August this year, Rouyu’s valuation was as high as $5 billion.

After 6 years of painstaking research and development, recently, Rouyu Technology finally released the world’s first foldable flexible screen mobile phone – FlexPai (soft).

Don’t underestimate the screen called “Flap”, which has 20 million flexible ultra-precision devices, 6 million flexible integrated circuits, and nearly 100 kinds of micro-nano film materials, which can easily bend, fold and curl. status.

How much is this kind of deformation? The official test data can be subjected to more than 200,000 bends from 0-180 degrees, equivalent to 100 bends per day for six consecutive years. And more importantly, it will not break the screen if you fall!

The FlexPai screen can be up to 7.8 inches and catch up with an iPad, making it the world’s largest smartphone display.

But when it is folded, only 4.7 inches is left, which is equivalent to an ordinary mobile phone, and it is easy to put in the pocket.

When the news came out, the world was in vain!

I didn’t expect Apple and Samsung to make subversive innovations on smartphones, but the “new recruits” who didn’t talk much.

It’s really blue and blue, and the waves of the Yangtze River push forward!

Second, anti-day innovation challenges the tradition

It is said that SoftPai has subverted the traditional smart phone, so what is it against it? Let’s talk about it.

1, large screen and small screen combined into one

For a long time, we have had a pain point with our mobile phones. The screen is too small to look good, and the screen is too big to carry trouble.

The soft-opening can be large and foldable, which allows people to enjoy the big screen audio and video experience anytime, anywhere. The big screen state only needs to fold the mobile phone, and the phone can be automatically connected, which perfectly solves the contradiction between large screen and portable.

2, the two screens are used separately

When the soft party opens like a book, the two screens can be divided into two mobile phones. For example, while chatting on Wechat, watching live broadcasts, pesticides, and eating chicken, even if a call comes in, it will not interrupt your Yaxing.

3, subvert the camera function

The disruptive concept of foldable screen technology is likely to change the habits of consumers using smartphones.

When taking pictures with Soft, both sides of the screen can see the characters inside the camera, no matter who shoots, they are self-timer.

When a camera can meet the two camera functions before and after, the accumulation and advantage of the camera technology in the straight phone disappears.

4, to meet the needs of AR, VR

For AR and VR, the need for stereoscopic and 3D space design, the soft style will also bring new ways of playing.

Zhang Yu, vice president of BOE, once said that a flexible screen mobile phone is equivalent to a computer, a mobile phone, and a tablet. It is only a mobile phone to go out and travel.

There is no doubt that the Softs will have a fierce impact on smart devices around the world.

Third, thousands of arrows are in line, Apple panic

Kevin Kelly, editor-in-chief of the famous American technology magazine “Connect”, was shocked by the folding screen of the soft-skinned. He commented: “We believe that the new interaction between flexible screen and flexible sensing will change a series of hardware, software and ecology. On this road, Rouyu has already been at the forefront of flexible screen exploration.”

Not just Rouyu, mobile phone manufacturers all over the world have seen the trend of flexible screens.

Huawei’s rotating CEO Yu Chengdong has already issued a death order and will go all out to launch a folding mobile phone this year. At present, Huawei’s folding prototype has been published several times, but it is still being optimized because it is not perfect.

Samsung’s development of flexible screens has long been a secret. President Gao Dongzhen has always stressed: “It won’t let the community wait too long,” because Samsung doesn’t want the title of the world’s first foldable screen phone to be taken away by others.

There are also technology media reports that at the World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) in 2019, at least three brands will release foldable screen phones.

Why do you all come to the foldable flexible screen?

Because this is a big time, this is an opportunity to catch up with Apple.

The foldable flexible screen phone combines the phone with the computer, which means that the mobile Internet and PC Internet will eventually become unified.

Finally, the world’s first foldable flexible screen phone has been on sale on November 1st, with three configurations ranging from $8,999 to $12,999.