The NYSE “delisted warning” Lanting gathers: does not affect business operations

On October 31st, US local time on October 30th, global online retail company Lanting Gather (LITB.N) announced that it received a letter from the NYSE on the same day, informing its stock of the average closing of 30 consecutive trading days in the past. The price is less than $1 and does not meet the minimum standard for continued listing.

The NYSE also said that the Lanting Gathering has six months to solve the problem. However, if the closing price of the last trading day of the term is less than US$1 and the average closing price of the previous 30 trading days is less than US$1, the Lanting Collector’s stock will be suspended and the NYSE will start the delisting process. .

In response, Lanting said that the company will notify the NYSE that it will take measures to resolve the issue within the specified time limit. Prior to this, Lanting Gathering stocks will continue to be listed on the NYSE. Lanting Jiji also said that the receipt of the NYSE notice will not affect the company’s business operations. In view of the “delisting warning” of the NYSE, Lanting’s stock price plummeted on Tuesday. At the close, Lanting’s rally was at $0.85, a drop of 9.60%.