The fashion shopping guide that can’t be missed before the double eleven

The annual crazy double eleven is in front of you, pre-sale, full reduction, team PK, koi play is overwhelming, although the promotion, discounted routine is still bombing, but the price is no longer the only selling point. Consumers are faced with more and more complicated gameplay, and more and more products are emerging. How to find good things and avoid stepping on the pits. A strategy of integrating good objects and avoiding pit guides can be said to be very practical at this stage. Many platforms have seen this demand and have launched a list of double eleven recommendations.

Tmall, Jingdong, NetEase koala and other platforms have launched a list of explosions at the main venue of the Double Eleven this year. The list covers almost all categories such as maternal and child, food, beauty, and digital. Netease also launched the grass 1111 this year, launching good object evaluation and bringing more content to consumers. Although the list of explosions on each platform has its own highlights, the common point is that the list and content trigger consumers’ attention to the goods and promote purchase.

The mushroom street is different. The mushroom street this year is the slogan of “shopping before the carnival, first visiting the mushroom street”, and it is trying to help the user to “discover” the fashion better, in order to let the user feel “walking”. The experience, the inspiration for wearing, and the fun of discovering fashion, Mushroom Street provides consumers with a comprehensive three-dimensional fashion shopping strategy in three stages through hundreds of topics.

Interpretation of fashion trends, making fashion at your fingertips

Which styles represent fashion trends, which styles will be sought after as explosions, in order to make fashion within reach of consumers, Mushroom Street combines fashion vane and trend, from color, style, accessories, details, joint models and other aspects. Interpretation, and through the evaluation wear, for the women who are ready to pick up the knife, launched a list of fashion trends.

New brand new products and wear one-stop Get

Get a fashion trend, want to build your own trend wardrobe with double eleven, you need to understand the brand new products of different styles and different echelons, this is a super large workload, the ordinary consumers in front of the exquisite clothes Only the fainting of the halo, for this reason, the editors of the mushroom street recruited a whole network of fashion brand new products, including fast fashion, net red and niche designer brands, but also cover different categories of national tide, sports, beauty, etc. Different topics and look will pass on new products and wear-and-wear demonstrations to consumers, providing everyone with a whole network of new products and fashion to wear a full-fledged Raiders.

Cost-effective evaluation of major E-Commerce platforms, the list of the entire network of US prices

The carnival curtain is about to open, facing the goods coming from the face, the little fairies feel their own eyes. Which of the most versatile sweaters? What kind of pants are leg length? Want to see the foul sweater, lazy people need to set Amway, this dress where to buy the most affordable … Mushroom Street in the user needs to work hard, expand the inventory of good objects and recommended coverage, the selection range covers Tmall, Jingdong, Koala Wait for major E-Commerce platforms to launch a list of explosions on the entire network. At the same time, Mushroom Street also launched the topic of “human meat price machine”, and compared the similar products of major E-Commerce platforms, so that the whole network of beautiful and beautiful goods can be seen at a glance, and the most cost-effective good things strategy was launched.

This year’s double eleven, the mushroom street platform brought together thousands of people, created hundreds of double eleven hot topics, recommended tens of thousands of fashion items and wear for everyone. Prior to this, the editors of Mushroom Street Daren were invited by the official to participate in China International Fashion Week to capture the most popular fashion elements and trend items, and to introduce the fashion potential into the guidance of the topic in the mushroom street station and the double eleven Raiders. We will create a professional and all-round guide for the double eleven fashion.