The birth of Tmall Double 11 is expected to exceed 100 million

November 6th news, today at 12 o’clock, Tmall “I wish you Get the universe to express C-bit!” Weibo revealed, Hangzhou single netizen “send big star stars l” became the son of Tmall double 11, will get the day Cats and all members of the Ali economy, more than 200 Tmall brands and more than 200 corporate blue V sent a confession package, according to incomplete statistics, the total amount of bonuses is expected to exceed 100 million.

It is understood that at 11:11 on November 1, Tmall official microblogging issued a “I wish you Get the universe to express C-bit!” Weibo, to pick a Tmall double 11 son on November 6th, except Sending his voice to the sky via satellite, he also gave an epic confession of C-bit resources. By the end of the event, the number of related microblogs was more than 75 million.

It is reported that the Tmall Double 11 son will officially confess on November 7 and will be online before January 9. In addition to online confession, Wechat, brand official website and other confession methods, the confession of Tmall Double 11 is a collection of online and offline linkages of all members of the economy, covering flying pigs, Taobao, Taobao tickets, boxes. Horse, shrimp music, hungry, Ali health and other food and drink services, including RT-Mart, Real Home, Intime Business and other new retail life partners will also help.