The 9th China Cross-border E-commerce Summit 2018 was held

On November 7, 2018, sponsored by Shanghai Pushuo Office of Putuo District, China, and China Cross-border E-Commerce Application Alliance (CCEAA), Shanghai Putuo District Business Committee, Shanghai Putuo District Investment Promotion Office, Shanghai Putuo District Long March The 4th Global Retail E-Commerce China Summit and the 9th China Cross-border E-Commerce Summit 2018, co-organized by the Town People’s Government, were held in the Crowne Plaza Shanghai Sanya.

Under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and Shanghai Putuo District People’s Government, the summit was hosted by PTP International and Shanghai Cross-service Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., and more than 500 high-level representatives from more than 20 countries attended the event. Well-known brands, retail E-Commerce, E-Commerce platforms and merchants, B2B trading companies, postal logistics companies, cross-border payment companies, E-Commerce technology innovation companies, venture capital companies, etc. cover the entire industry chain.

During the meeting, the E-Commerce whole ecosystem system – the National E-Commerce Demonstration Base Shanghai Central Business District: Silk Road E-Commerce (Shanghai) Research Institute was held.

Rolf Visser, founder and chairman of the Global Cross-border E-Commerce Alliance, gave a speech at the conference on the theme “Global Retail E-Commerce 2018-2019 Outlook”.

Chairman of China Cross-border E-Commerce Application Alliance–Tang Bingyong, member of the expert advisory group of the Central Organization Department, the Chairman of the China Cloud Computing Application Alliance, Chairman of the China Cross-border E-Commerce Application Alliance, and Vice Chairman of the China Electronic Commerce Association Mobile Commerce Committee Director, Donghua University – Director of the IBM E-Commerce Discipline Development Center. The conference delivered a wonderful speech on the “Belt and Road” and cross-border trade between China and Europe.

Director of the E-Commerce Research Center of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, doctoral tutor, Director of the E-Commerce Research Center, Lao Yuling, shared the brand building of the “Shanghai Shopping” characteristic bearing area from the perspective of international consumer cities. She is an expert of China Electronic Commerce Association, deputy director of Shanghai E-Commerce Education Working Committee, director of research department of Shanghai Modern Business Promotion Center, special professor of Institute of E-Commerce Development, National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Innovation Fund of Ministry of Science and Technology. Review expert.

Liu Jianwei, a senior cloud architect from Microsoft, also shared a keynote speech on “Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Services Support Digital Transformation of the Omni-Channel Retail Industry.”

APIcloud Han Jinfeng, general manager of East China, has a wonderful sharing of the theme of the retail industry’s “mobilization strategy for the retail industry”.

The meeting also used round-table discussions to discuss the round-table discussion on “Incoming Expos – allowing global brands to compete with Chinese online E-Commerce and offline stores to embrace a new era of unbounded retail”.

Using blockchain technology, through the data information uploaded by independent businesses such as merchants, customs, third-party testing institutions, etc., the import of goods from the production, transportation, customs clearance, inspection, third-party inspection and other processes trace back. Combine the intelligent communication-aware technology of the Internet of Things with the rookie’s global supply chain management service to form a new cross-border merchandise supply chain solution, tracking and displaying cross-border merchandise from overseas to domestic full-link trajectory, bringing consumers For a better shopping experience. Yang Yan, the director of the Tmall Import and Export Business Unit, gave a speech on “Blockchain + IoT Commodity Traceability”.

Yang Ye, general manager of the global purchasing business unit of Jingdong Mall’s Daxie Consumer Group, conducted the “Jingdong Global Acquisition and Energy-Growth-Win-Win- Cross-border Industry Sharing” at this summit.

Speakers of the summit also included Igor Subow and Anastasia Kovaleva, heads of the Russian E-Commerce Association; Oliwia Jankowska, head of China Market, RTB House, Poland; Larisa Morozova, Director of International Business Development, CSE, Russia; Lin Wenkui, General Manager of eBay Greater China Sales; President of Arctic Solution Bjorn van der Veen; Russia’s IQDQ CEO Maksim Kovalev; Post Service Asia CEO Sergey Bezborodov; Switzerland ZodMall CEO Michael Mehrzad KHOI; Russia PSA Group’s CEOSergey Bezborodov and project manager Alena Belikova, etc. E-Commerce related international logistics, cross-border payment, digital marketing, new retail and other topics have delivered a wonderful speech.

At the summit, Rolf Visser, founder and chairman of the Global Cross-border E-Commerce Alliance, Tang Bingyong, Chairman of China Cross-border E-Commerce Application Alliance, and Li Mingtao, Dean of China International E-Commerce Center Research Institute, presented awards to a number of outstanding companies in various industries: Microsoft Receives “Best Cross-Border E-Commerce Cloud Service Award”; APICloud and RTB house win “Best E-Commerce Service Enterprise Award”; Luminati receives “Best Cross-Border E-Commerce Technology Provider”; ZOODMALL – Best New Cross E-Commerce Platform Award; FORTER received the “Best E-Commerce Anti-Fraud Solution Provider”.

The success of this summit comes from the strong support of various cooperation agencies and the media:

The 4th Global Retail E-Commerce China Summit and the 9th China Cross-border E-Commerce Summit 2018, with the enthusiastic participation and support of everyone, achieved great success. Thanks again to all the guests present, let us look forward to the next summit. Held!