Test water self-service take-out service Convenience bee take-out business is still to be tested

On October 25th, recently, the convenience bee was on-line delivery service. This take-out service was called “Bee Fresh” project inside. It is worth noting that the convenience bee did not choose to access the take-out platform in the market, but chose to build a self-constructed distribution team. It can be seen that the convenience bee is to develop the take-away business in a self-operated manner.

For the newly opened take-away business, the convenience bee said that the convenience bee take-out is still in the business trial stage, and the later operation depends on the business progress, but the convenience bee is still mainly in the form of store service.

In fact, as far as the convenience store industry is concerned, there are not a few companies that carry out take-away business. It’s nothing new to launch a takeaway service at a convenience store. Before the 7-11, the whole family and the whole time have already launched take-out services on the platforms of Meituan, Hungry and Jingdong, and sell fresh food, daily necessities and snacks online. And other goods. However, the difference is that these convenience stores are more directly in cooperation with the US group, hungry, Jingdong home and other platforms. Compared with the convenience of the bee’s self-operated model, such light operation will have less risk to the future development of the company. some.

In fact, relying on large platforms to obtain higher traffic and wider channels, taking Jingdong home, for example, according to data released by Jingdong at home, as of the end of July this year, the total number of online cooperative convenience store stores exceeded 10,000. . In the first half of the year, the overall single-digit growth rate of Jingdong‘s convenience store business reached 80%. Convenience bees adopt a self-operated E-Commerce distribution model, which may be more secure in terms of service quality. After running a model suitable for them, they can also form unique competitiveness, but the operating costs behind them will be higher.

In order to enhance the competitiveness of the take-away business, compared with the whole family, 7-11 main lunch and dinner, the convenience bee also increased the proportion of fresh food, but if it is fast delivery with the supermarket or daily fresh food, etc. In contrast, the range of options for facilitating bee merchandise is relatively limited. If you want to run through the fresh mode, the convenience bee needs to transform the supply chain. For consumers, they are faced with a wider selection of take-out platforms, and it is not known whether they will buy them.

According to the “Monthly Monitoring Report of 2018Q3 China Online Takeaway Market” released by Ai Media Consulting, in the third quarter of 2018, 80.1% of the respondents prefer to use the take-out service of the online take-out platform. 48.1% of respondents prefer supermarket/online delivery services using online take-out platforms. 42.0% of respondents prefer to use the fresh fruit service of the online take-out platform. People have obvious demand for online take-out service. In the new retail era, grasping opportunities and transforming in time will become a turning point in development. Convenience bees want to expand the take-away business. In addition to the convenience of the convenience store, the traffic does not necessarily support the operation of the take-out platform. It also faces greater cost pressure in the early stage of self-employment.

Supermarket express delivery expert Zhang Chenyong believes that because the convenience store has too few products, its product structure can only meet some urgently needed and convenient needs, and it is difficult to meet the daily consumer demand of the family, from packaging specifications, SKU richness, Regarding pricing logic and other aspects, its online pen price (refer to the average transaction amount per order) is not too high. The cost of the delivery of the take-away delivery is relatively fixed, that is, the cost per delivery is fixed. Even if the delivery fee of 4 yuan is charged, if the unit price is not up, it is difficult to achieve the overall breakeven.

As the penetration rate of take-away business continues to increase, the local lifestyle service sector is being activated. Whether it is a supermarket, a convenience store or a traditional restaurant, it is actively Internet-based, and the future take-away scene will be more and more abundant. Self-operated take-out service requires the platform itself to have a large flow basis. Although the convenience bee has accumulated a certain number of users, it is still limited due to the limitation of volume and channel. How far the convenience bee take-away business can go is still awaiting the test of time.