Tencent application Bao La Lou double 11 free single war 1.1 billion welfare to help shopping spree

The Double Eleven is approaching, and the preferential offensives of major E-Commerce platforms are heating up. The majority of the squad parties have also started the carnival mode, and have traveled in the major E-Commerce APPs, trying to collect coupons, vouchers, cash red envelopes and other benefits. . As a one-stop solution platform for users’ mobile life, Tencent Application Bao also joined the battle this year, and gathered seven major mainstream E-Commerce apps, including Jingdong, Vipshop, Netease Koala, and Fighting, during the Double Eleven period, and released 1.1 billion gifts. Help the handcuffs get one-stop access to the benefits of the major E-Commerce platforms.

Figure: Application Bao double eleven activities online

It is understood that this year, App Bao will create a triple innovation game, and distribute benefits worth more than 1.1 billion for users. During the period from November 1st to 11th, the “Double 11 Single Stage” event will be launched to provide users with a one-day free single prize and a massive double 11 coupon; November 12th – November 30th is “ Double 11 return period, participate in the “Looking for Hand Speed ​​King” activity, successfully challenge 6.66 seconds to divide the daily bonus pool; December 1st – December 12th is “double 12 reheat period”, application treasure We will join hands with E-Commerce, travel, tourism, finance and other full-category APPs to return to the welfare service, bringing users a one-and-a-half-month carnival feast!

Double eleven to grab a single duck 1.1 billion welfare to help shopping spree

This double eleven event, the application of treasures gathered seven major mainstream E-Commerce platforms such as Jingdong, Vipshop, Netease koala, and fight more, and will open special events on different topics every day, in beauty, clothing, bags, daily use. In department stores, food and beverage, furniture and other aspects, we offer preferential benefits totaling more than 1.1 billion yuan to users.

Figure 2: Application treasure “grab the single duck” activity benefits

During the event, Android users log in to the application treasure, click on the home page, “grab the red envelope to empty the shopping cart” and enter the “11.11 grab single duck” activity page to participate in the experience of the duck game, you can receive the benefits of the major E-Commerce platform. According to the activity page prompt, the user only needs to swipe the screen to launch the swimming ring to cover the most wanted ducks, and then have the opportunity to get the coupons, the reduction of the gold, the exemption of single prizes and other business rewards, download and open the designated APP to receive the reward; At the same time, the user pays attention to the application treasure public number, and downloads and opens a designated APP, and can also participate in winning the free prize of the maximum amount of 11111 yuan.

All in full life scene Application treasure to create a one-stop welfare gathering place

Users who have double-played price wars and promotions and promotions have long been commonplace, and Appbo focuses on the deep needs of users in their life scenes. It not only brings together the massive benefits of major E-Commerce platforms, but also gathers Tencent video, QQ music and other life services. The APP, starting from the user’s immediate needs, provides offers and services that cover the entire life scene, creating a platform for users to live.

As an application distribution platform, ApplicationBao’s Double Eleven activities can effectively improve the exposure of various types of collaborative APPs through a rich platform operation capability, shorten the distance between APP and users, and provide a strong guarantee for partners to obtain user traffic. . The application of differentiated content means has become a booster for the efficient and accurate distribution of major APPs in the fierce double eleven melee.

The annual double eleven shopping spree has entered the countdown stage. App uses a unique activity management method to unite the major app developers, constantly breaking through the positioning of the traditional app store APP downloading tool, breaking the inherent thinking of the app store. Create a big life platform that strikes deeper demands from users who want more life services.