Ten years of double eleven, I miss you e-commerce “Finding the taste of the brigade” to bring you to feel “food and distant”

Alaska’s squid is jumping out of the water when you write PPT

When you look at the report, the golden monkey of Meili Snow Mountain just climbed the tree tip.

When you squeeze into the subway, the mountain eagle in Tibet has been hovering in the clouds.

When you are quarreling in the meeting, Nepalese backpackers sit up with wine glasses and sit by the fire.

There are some roads that can’t be reached by high-heeled shoes, some air that can’t be smelled by perfume, and some people who can’t be seen in the office building forever.

In Xinjiang, the mysterious and infinitely desirable place in the eyes of the world has a long history and a rich exotic atmosphere. There, there is the world’s largest mobile desert, the Taklimakan Desert, where the key to the world’s civilization is buried; there is the longest desert road in the world’s mobile desert, with its breathtaking green corridors.

Life is a food journey, and exploration is a happy thing. From November 7th to November 14th, 2018, I would like to think about your E-Commerce “Finding People” recruitment plan. I really want to open your registration for the E-Commerce official flagship store, and immediately set off to an unknown but beautiful destination. Now you may be on the subway, in a taxi, in the office, in a messy bedroom. You will ask: Can I? – The matter that is decided in an instant is the real self, sign up immediately, no matter where you are – take you off. This is not only a simple life journey that fades back to the initial heart, but also a journey of taste memory that is a long-awaited reunion!

During the event, you can get a 10 yuan coupon by contacting the customer service with the screenshot of the registration. If you successfully enter the second round of the sea selection, you can get the Forbidden City joint water cup set. The two selected users will become your E-Commerce. “People”, went to Xinjiang on November 18th, feeling the road to think of you.

As a leading brand of Chinese red dates, I miss you, this is a five-day, four-night tour of Xinjiang. It will cross the world’s longest Taklimakan Desert Highway and experience the wonders of icebergs and canyons. Meet the world’s largest jujube garden and taste the freshest red dates with the highest granules and the highest sweetness.

During the tour, round-trip flight tickets, meal and accommodation, special car transfer, transportation and all expenses are provided by the E-Commerce provider, and personal documentaries and posters are customized to return to the original good. On such a wonderful journey, are you still not signing up to participate?

Open Taobao now, enter your official flagship store, click on the home page to participate in the event! Maybe you are the luckiest one!