Supermarket test water member digitization Online e-member card function

On November 13th, the digital retailing of traditional retailers is increasing. Yesterday, the supermarket officially launched the new electronic membership card function based on Wechat. It is understood that the supermarket issued a membership card and the previously launched “supermarket ticketing mall” and other small procedures have been opened, consumers can register to receive the supermarket to send electronic membership card to the Wechat card package, you can use the electronic membership card to achieve accumulated points, points Redemption, custom coupons, self-checkout and more. In the future, the electronic membership card will gradually carry out functions such as “scan code purchase” and “interactive game”.

In fact, the past member marketing work of physical supermarkets is mainly realized through traditional paper media or SMS, but it is difficult to calculate whether it actually touches consumers and converts them into purchases.

Zhao Meng, vice president of supermarkets, said that many times the information sent by supermarkets is only sent unilaterally. It is not known whether consumers will receive or receive them after receiving them. Many supermarkets and consumers lack high-frequency and effective interactions, and even their own consumers do not know. After the online electronic membership card is issued, the data resources will be revitalized, and customized promotional information, coupons, etc. will be pushed according to the shopping habits of thousands of consumers, so that the information received by consumers is more accurate and meets the demand.

According to the Beijing Business Daily reporter, starting from 2017, the supermarket stopped the promotion of the paper-based posters and switched to the use of electronic posters. The electronic display on the store or the supermarket will send the Wechat public account in real time to update the product offers.

Li Yanchuan, chairman of the supermarket, revealed that electronic posters can reach consumers more efficiently and accurately, and at the same time greatly save corporate resources and social resources. Only a paper poster can save the supermarket a monthly fee of 2 million yuan.

Under the upgrade of consumption, retailers’ one-way supply of goods can no longer meet the increasing consumer demand of consumers, and it is crucial to establish effective connections with consumers and provide more accurate and personalized goods and services. In addition to supermarkets, many companies are accelerating the digitization of their members. It is reported that Jiale Welfare uses Wechat payment, brand public number and small program to reach users to obtain members. The small program currently collects functions such as scanning code purchase, sub-regional coupons, electronic posters, membership rights, and group marketing. Wumei Supermarket and the multi-point platform have opened up the membership system. At present, the average electronic membership of Wumart’s core stores accounts for 83%.