Suning Tesco Double 11 Report: Omni-channel sales increased by 132% year-on-year

On November 12th, Suning Tesco President Hou Enlong announced at the internal celebration meeting that as of November 11th, at 23:59, during the double 11 period, Suning Tesco’s omni-channel sales increased by 132%. Among them, the number of retail cloud stores reached 1,666, sales increased by 3308%; Suning Tesco direct stores reached 2,400, sales increased by 84%; Suning store orders increased by 10 times than daily; Suning purchase orders exceeded 80 million single.

In terms of categories, the overall sales of home appliances increased by 107%; the number of buyers of large fast-moving exceeded 40 million, an increase of more than 400%, and the number of orders surged by more than 500%.

During the Double 11 period, Suning Tesco stores more than 50 million people to shop in the store, Suning store provides 5 million people with neighborhood services, Suning Hotel provides services for more than 100,000 people, and Suning Studios has more than 200,000 people entering the cinema to watch movies. Suning Plaza offers shopping for 15 million people.

The world’s five R&D bases, 10 core data centers, 4000+ systems, and 10,000+ IT siege lions have escorted the National Carnival, providing more than 200 million consumers with a full range of Suning services.

During the double 11 period, Suning Tesco distribution personnel put into the intense battle, the rocket brother’s footprint traveled all over the country, with a total mileage of more than 1 million kilometers, 25 circles around the earth.

Suning logistics data shows that on November 11th, small parcels took less than 7 hours, and large items were less than 6 hours. The number of warehouse picking operations exceeded that of last year’s double 11 all-day picking.

During the double 11 period, Suning store online order delivery service, the average delivery time is only 18 minutes, “Suning store + Suning seconds” into the best partner.

Since November 1st, Suning’s large-scale distribution of goods has been ahead of its peers. On the same day, the Double 11 achieved a time-dependent lead in 97% of the country, and the remaining 3% of the area was in line with the industry’s timeliness.

This year’s double 11, Suning Tesco on the post-90s consumer accounted for 42%, after 80% of consumers accounted for 38%, after 90, the first time beyond 80, became the main consumer.

During the double 11 period, Suning’s rich offline activities also led to consumption. For example, the children’s show contest directly led the sales of Red Kids to 151%; the Suning Lions Global Invitational S1 also pushed this heat wave to a climax, with computers growing 86% year-on-year. Accessories increased by 110%.

At the same time, under the double stimulation of the purchase of new regulations and the Expo, Suning International’s sales increased by 428% in a straight line. Among all categories, the beauty category was the best in terms of overall sales.