Starbucks upgrades domestic coffee supply to try to achieve industrial closed loop

On November 5th, Starbucks launched Chinese native coffee beans at the first China International Import Expo. Some people believe that Starbucks’ implementation of coffee beans in China reflects Starbucks’ efforts to upgrade the coffee supply chain in China and create a closed-loop goal for the coffee industry.

According to the data, Starbucks introduced the first coffee bean produced in China, Starbucks Yunnan coffee beans, at the beginning of last year. However, in baking, Starbucks did not choose to roast coffee beans in China.

The coffee beans launched this time – Starbucks selected China’s Yunnan elegant manor coffee beans, is the first Starbucks to truly grow, produce and bake in China. This also reflects Starbucks’ idea of ​​upgrading the coffee supply in China and creating a closed loop for the coffee industry.