Starbucks some drinks prices increase to maintain profit

On November 9th, Starbucks announced a small increase in the price of some beverages in China, including all offline stores in Starbucks in China and Starbucks.

At present, the sales strategy has been implemented. For example, the price of the American Cup of Grand Cup (Grande Cup) has been raised from 27 yuan to 28 yuan, and the cost of the medium cup (Tall cup type) latte has also changed from 28 yuan to 29 yuan.

In this regard, Starbucks said that the price increase slightly compared with the last two and a half years, is Starbucks in the rental, logistics, store facilities, manpower, product development and customer experience innovation and other aspects of the careful assessment and Developed after comprehensive consideration.

Some market participants believe that this is because Starbucks has always placed high hopes on the Chinese market, “not to force”, Starbucks can only sell more expensive to maintain profits. According to Starbucks’ third-quarter earnings report for 2018, store sales in China fell 2% year-on-year, the first decline in nine years, the worst performing area in Starbucks’ global sales market.