Starbucks Adjusts Membership Program Helps Starbucks app development

On November 7th, Starbucks issued a notice on its official website in China, announcing the adjustment of the membership plan “Xingxiang Club” from December 5.

Starbucks’ points are called “stars”, and members can get one star for every 50 yuan spent. According to the new terms, if the Starbucks app is used to pay for the Starbucks QR code, the cumulative ratio will be reduced to 40 yuan. Star, other payment methods are still 50 yuan a star.

Under the new membership system, the difficulty of upgrading Yuxing and Venus has been reduced, but in order to refuse the “Wool Party” Starbucks also cut some of the concessions. For example, Silver Star upgrades Yuxing. In addition to accumulating 4 stars, you can bind a Star Gift Card of at least 100 yuan to the Star Club account. However, all the coupons for membership upgrades, birthdays, and anniversarys have been severely reduced: from the original 3 months to only 7 days!