Soft upgrade, double care, clean soft Lotion smooth paper new upgrade perfect starter

The so-called high-sensitivity group refers to people who have earlier and stronger toxic reactions due to individual biological factors when exposed to harmful substances, and we need to give more daily attention and double care for such groups. Adhering to the brand concept of “only care about you”, Zhongshun Jierou enterprises started from the segmentation of market target population, paid attention to high-sensitive people and learned their true pain points. In 2010, they successfully developed and introduced special imported moisturizing factors. Gentle Lotion smoothing paper is loved by sensitive skin groups (babies, ladies, nasal sensitive, cold).

After years of experience in using the clean and simple lotion paper series for easy-sensitive groups, this autumn and winter, the “locked water is more smooth” soft Lotion smoothing paper is newly upgraded, adding 30% cream ingredients, more soft and care, Bringing a refreshing upgrade experience to four types of skin-sensitive groups (babies, ladies, nasal sensations, and colds). It is also listed exclusively in Jingdong, and together with Chen Yuxi, upgrades the soft experience for sensitive stars, rejects the sensitivity of autumn and winter, and creates the smooth life of “skin-sensitized skin” with strength.

On October 22, 2018, Jierou and Jingdong held a new launch conference for the “soft upgrade, double care” Jierou Lotion smooth surface paper, which was successfully held in the Jingdong headquarters building. Mr. Ping Qiang, Director of National E-Commerce of Zhongshun Jierou, Mr. Gong Zhiyong, Director of National Market of Zhongshun Jierou, Mr. Yu Jian, General Manager of Jingdong Supermarket Consumer Products Division, and Ms. Zheng Yi, Manager of Paper Products Department of Cleaner Marketing Department attended the event. In particular, the brand spokesperson Chen Yuxi came to the scene to witness the new upgrade of Jierou Lotion Smoothing Paper.

Just as Mr. Gong Zhiyong, the director of Jierou National Market, has deep insight into the market, there are a large number of highly sensitive consumers in the city. The function of ordinary paper towels can no longer meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, in addition to the cleaning function, Jierou has developed a moisturizing facial tissue at the same time, and has developed a cream moisturizing facial tissue that combines cleansing and skin care functions with the skin sensitive person. This year, a new generation of clean soft Lotion smoothing paper, which was newly upgraded on the basis of the original, came into being, adding 30% of the cream ingredients, making it softer than the average paper towel, which is more suitable for the consumption of sensitive people. Needs and usage habits.

In addition, the basic quality assurance of this facial tissue is also very good. The products are selected from high-quality imported native wood pulp. The 3 layers are thick and flexible, and the touch is silky and soft. The special three-dimensional embossing soft process makes the paper more skin-friendly. Through the original ecological product certification, health and safety are as always.

In order to give sensitive stars a better experience of the soft and refreshing Lotion’s upgraded soft experience, the scene deliberately creates a soft experience space, composed of a fun photo studio (soft hug +, balloon adventure), skin detection station, soft experience area. In this space, through the multi-dimensional display of products, online and offline interactive communication, scene experience and other forms of expression, a new discussion and exchange of clean soft Lotion smooth paper.

Wonderful photo studio

Sit on the soft sofa and have a soft hug with the dolls. Relax and enjoy yourself, just like the soft touch of the new upgrade of Lotion.

Skin test station

The professional skin tester gives you an ultra-detailed skin texture report, and the soft Lotion gives you an upgraded soft care, refusing to be sensitive in autumn and winter.

Soft experience area

When the delicate makeup meets the colorful food, is it easy for you to fall into the difficulty of choosing between the two? Cleanse Lotion cares for your delicate makeup, so that you can enjoy it in front of the food.

The first love goddess Chen Yuxi appeared on the day and shared the secrets of skin care that we missed in those years. She has always maintained her frozen age muscles and has her own experience and secrets for skin care. She admits that “soft, care, and intimate” is the first impression of the soft Lotion smoothing paper, and it is very pleasantly surprised. Because of the frequent shooting, the paper towel is very demanding, and the newly upgraded soft Lotion locks. The moisture is more delicate and smooth, satisfying her need for softness of paper towels and the pursuit of refined living.

The event was very popular at the event. The audience actively participated in the experience and enjoyed the extraordinary softness brought by the new upgrade of Lotion. At the same time, the live broadcast on Jingdong attracted 24W users to interact online, and Chen Yuxi easily played soft space. To win the welfare gift, the most anticipated is to unlock the exclusive skin care secret of the goddess.

In addition to the goddess Chen Yuxi’s Amway, Jierou Lotion new upgrade on the day of the launch, many Wechat beauty fashion big coffee, such as the beautiful sister makiyo, milk tea cat, fox small raccoon and other people recommended this Jie Lotion upgrade product, set off fans The snapping up boom.

New upgrades, new care, new journey! “Soft upgrade, double care”, look forward to the clean and soft Jingdong future team to create more new possibilities. “Only care about you” is the brand concept that Jierou has been implementing all the time. Through its brand positioning, it can be seen that Jierou is committed to research and development, production of medium and high-grade household paper, and to bring high-end quality to consumers through continuous improvement of product quality. The determination to experience. Choosing the first series of high-end products in Jingdong that contain imported moisturizing factor and upgrade +30% cream, it is also because Jingdong, which uses “quality life” as an advertising slogan, has been “providing better shopping for consumers”. Experience and enjoy a more high-quality lifestyle” on the road.

Since the cooperation with, Jierou series paper products have achieved rapid growth in Jingdong. In the 2 hours before the 618 of 2018, the first million sku of Jingdong Paper Cleaning Department came from Jierou, and both sides are in data mining and user marketing. Explore it in depth. Jierou said that the new upgraded lotion can be used to lock the water and smooth surface paper. There is also a big reason for fitting the needs of Jingdong users. The success of this new product launch conference is not only the third joint launch of Jiefang Jingdong this year (from black series handkerchief paper, confession series handkerchief paper and new upgrade lotion series), but also to bring more ideals to users. Life and the ultimate experience, together to create a better high-end quality of life for consumers, leading the consumption upgrade.

Clean and soft, looking forward to bringing more happiness to everyone’s life!