so horrible! The “double 11” of the handcuffs party “over financing” for Ma Yun exceeded 200 billion!

“What are you doing?”

“Work with Ma Yun, and give the Tmall a little bit of money.”

2018 Tmall “Double 11” data articles

All the records are used to break, all the peaks are farther away!

Although it has not arrived at 12 o’clock on November 12, 2018, the 2018 Tmall “Double 11” has created a world miracle!

At 15:49:39 on November 11, 2018 Tmall “Double 11” easily put the record of 168.2 billion last year behind, and there are still more than 8 hours from zero!

Starting from 0:00 on the 11th, the 2018 Tmall “Double 11” turnover constantly refreshed everyone’s imagination and fully demonstrated the speed of China.

Here are some important data and time nodes for the 2018 “Double 11” transaction amount:

1 billion – 21 seconds, 7 seconds faster than last year;

10 billion – 2 minutes and 05 seconds, nearly one minute faster than last year;

19.1 billion – 4 minutes and 20 seconds (super 2012 double 11 full-day turnover), 1 minute and a half faster than last year;

30 billion – 8 minutes and 45 seconds;

35 billion – 11 minutes and 30 seconds;

36.2 billion – 12 minutes and 14 seconds (over the 2013 double 11 full-day turnover);

40 billion – 14 minutes and 56 seconds;

50 billion – 26 minutes and 02 seconds;

57.1 billion – 35 minutes and 17 seconds, surpassing the full-day turnover in 2014. In 2017, the total volume of Tmall “Double 11” reached 51.7 billion in 1 hour and 49 minutes;

2018 Tmall “Double 11” first hour, turnover of 67.26 billion yuan ($9.7 billion);

91.2 billion – only 1 hour, 16 minutes and 37 seconds, exceeding the double 11 full-day turnover in 2015.

100 billion – 1 hour, 47 minutes and 26 seconds, 7 and a half hours faster than last year!

101.9 billion – 2 hours, 0 minutes and 32 seconds;

120.7 billion – 8:8:52 in 8 minutes, easily surpassing the total turnover of 2016 double 11 all-day, using 5 hours faster than last year;

On November 11th, 09:29:35, 2018 Tmall double 11 turnover exceeded 130.6 billion;

10:28:30, the turnover exceeded 20 billion US dollars (about 140 billion);

At 12:08:40, the turnover exceeded 150 billion, only one step away from 2017’s 168.2 billion.

15:49:39, the turnover exceeded 168.2 billion! Easy to exceed 2017 full-day volume!

At 18:35:12, the turnover exceeded 180 billion yuan.

20:49:01, the total turnover exceeded 190 billion yuan.

Compared with 2017, this year’s “Double 11” has the following important time nodes:

2018 Tmall “Double 11” sales articles

The ever-breaking record in numbers shows the tremendous commercial energy that Alibaba’s commercial operating system fully empowers the merchant brand:

It is understood that Tmall “Double 11” will bring together more than 180,000 brands in 2018. In addition to online transactions, 200,000 new retail stores in major cities across the country will also participate in all aspects, and hundreds of millions of consumers will explode. Write a vivid footnote for the current wave of consumer upgrades in Chinese society.

From the “Double 11 Years” in 2009, only 27 brands participated, and now 180,000 branded sandfield soldiers; from the initial main competition to a single apparel industry, now including mobile digital, home appliances, beauty, food The whole category of maternal and child coverage, the development history of Tmall “Double 11” is the growth history of various brands relying on Tmall‘s big data platform to achieve brand value.

This year’s “Double 11”, starting from the first second, different brands are also scrambling to set new records in their respective fields:

In the opening 30 minutes, the turnover of the medical and beauty industry exceeded the whole of last year;

At 3 hours and 30 minutes, the turnover of Tmall‘s beauty industry exceeded that of last year;

In less than 8 hours, the turnover of Tmall Supermarket exceeded that of last year;

8 hours, Tmall International turnover exceeded the whole of last year;

In less than 9 hours, the Tmall care industry has sold more than last year;

In less than 10 hours, the turnover of Tmall medicine exceeded the whole of last year;

In 10 hours, Tmall’s vehicle turnover exceeded that of last year;

The list of the first 30 minutes of the club:

At 9:43:05, the first 1 billion club members were surprised to appear:

In the first 30 minutes, Tmall double 11 broke the list of billions of brands:

Lin’s Wood, Gujia Home, Hao Laike, Nike, Uniqlo, Adi, Senma, Jack Jones, Belle, gxg, only, camel footwear group, Bosideng, veromoda, Anta, P&G, Baique Ling, Barabala, three squirrels, Xiaomi, Apple, Glory, Haier, Midea, Huawei, Oaks, Cobos, Hisense, Philips, Supor.

Among them, the new products such as Apple iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, which were launched in Tmall Double 11 , have a sales volume of 100 million in 30 minutes. The Xiaomi MIX 3, which was first launched by Tmall Double 11, sold more than 10,000 units in 6 minutes. The trend of intelligence is also becoming more and more significant. 1 minute to sell 40,000 large-screen smart TVs, only 30 minutes, Tmall Elf joint custom Cobos DJ35 sweeping robot single product over 100 million, intelligent translation machine 30 minutes more than last year, smart watches 1 hour broken billion, year-on-year growth Over 100%.

As of 12 o’clock on November 11th, 2018 Tianma Double 11 has 167 brands turnover of over 100 million, reaching the number of double 11 all-day last year.

2018 Tmall double 11 first hour imported goods top10:

1 health food

2 mask

3 facial essence

4 milk powder

5 diapers

6 lotion

7 infant nutrition

8 lotion

9 cleansing

10 makeup remover products

2018 Tmall Double 11 first hour import country and region list:

1: Japan 2: United States 3: South Korea 4: Australia 5: Germany 6: United Kingdom 7: France 8: Spain 9: New Zealand 10: Italy;

2018 Tmall Double 11 first hour export category:

1: dress 2: woolen coat 3: pants 4: sweater 5: wool sweater 6: sweater 7: t-shirt 8: down jacket 9: shirt 10: low shoes;

2018 Tmall double 11 first hour city transaction amount top10:

1: Shanghai 2: Beijing 3: Hangzhou 4: Guangzhou 5: Shenzhen 6: Chengdu 7: Wuhan 8: Chongqing 9: Nanjing 10: Suzhou;

2018 Tmall double 11 first hour, provincial turnover ranking top10:

1: Guangdong 2: Zhejiang 3: Jiangsu 4: Shanghai 5: Beijing 6: Shandong 7: Sichuan 8: Hubei 9: Henan 10: Fujian;

Subsequently, the list of categories has been released:

The top five gold medals in fashion shoes and boots are: SKECHERS, Belle, Hot Air, UGG, Darks; the top five flagship stores in the store sales gold medal list: Belle, SKECHERS, Hot Air, UGG, Tianmeiyi;

The top five men’s brand sales gold medals: GXG, Uniqlo, Taiping Bird, Senma, Mark Huafei; the top five flagship stores in the store sales gold medal list: GXG, Taiping Bird, Senma, Jack Jones, Smith Barney;

The top five women’s brand sales gold medals: Uniqlo, ONLY, VERO MODA, Eveli, Bosideng; the top five flagship stores in the store sales gold medal list: Uniqlo, ONLY, VERO MODA, Eveli, Handu Yishe;

The top five gold medals in the beauty brand: Lancome, Olay, L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, SK-II; the top five flagship stores in the store sales gold medal: Lancome, Olay, Estee Lauder, SK-II, L’Oreal;

2018 Tmall “Double 11” logistics articles

According to CCTV news reports, this year’s “Double 11” total express volume or more than 1.87 billion pieces, the previous pile of logistics records have long been ancient.

As of 8:00 am on November 11, consumers in 263 cities (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) have received double 11 parcels this year, and the number of parcels for top5 cities are: Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Chongqing, Shenyang.

10 hours and 36 minutes, in 2018, Tmall double 11 logistics orders exceeded 657 million, exceeding the 2016 double 11 all-day order volume, 8 hours and 13 minutes faster than 2017.

2018 Tmall “Double 11”, minute-level distribution has become the norm.

At 0:18:18, a consumer in Qingdao also received a Tmall supermarket parcel, a box of mineral water, delivered by Tmall.

Zero 9:2, 2 seconds, hungry, the “special star delivery” rider sent the first Starbucks coffee of Tmall Double 11 this year to a Shanghai consumer. On the day of Tmall Double 11, Starbucks “Special Star Delivery” has covered more than 1,400 stores in 17 cities across the country.

At 13:8, 8 seconds, the rookie wraps the partner “Dome I” to complete the delivery of this year’s Tmall Double 11 Ali Health First Single Medicine in 5 minutes. It is a cold medicine.

At 12:12, Mr. Liu from Shanghai Putuo District, a Haier wine cabinet purchased by Tmall, was delivered by the rookie partner Rishun Logistics, becoming the first big order for this year’s Tmall Double 11. At the same time, the Tmall supermarket parcels sent to Hong Kong and other places have also been packaged out of the library.

2018 Tmall Double 11 is also a large PARTY with many overseas brands participating in it. Cross-border logistics is speeding up again, and the efficiency of import clearance is greatly improved. Under the joint efforts of the General Administration of Customs and the rookie, as of 9:01 am on the 11th, the customs clearance of double 11 import orders quickly exceeded 10 million, which was 10 and a half hours faster than last year. The intelligent logistics backbone network once again set a new record. Second-level customs clearance” new record. The record has been refreshed again. It is the commercial potential released by the 180,000 global brands and hundreds of millions of consumers. It shows the surge of Chinese social consumption upgrades and highlights the leading role of Alibaba’s commercial operating system in China’s business transformation.

2018 Tmall “Double 11” payment articles

Last year, Tmall “Double 11”, the total number of payments made by consumers worldwide through Alipay reached 1.48 billion, which is equivalent to the double 11 on the day, the average Chinese person completed more than one payment on Alipay. Double 11 just opened 5 minutes and 22 seconds, Alipay’s payment peak reached 256,000 / second, 2.1 times in 2016.

2018 Tmall “Double 11”, the order created per second is 491,000 pens, and the speed of transcendence is too cruel!

“Audience” Ma Yun is a message for the 2018 Tmall “Double 11”

This year’s Tmall “Double 11”, e-commerce poverty alleviation has become one of the elements of concern, and the rapid increase in turnover also contains hopes of poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken areas. On the afternoon of November 11, Alibaba partner, Sun Lijun, executive secretary of Alibaba Poverty Alleviation Fund, introduced at the Tmall Double 11 Media Center. Since the launch of the Alibaba Poverty Alleviation Fund on December 1, last year, the national poverty-stricken counties in the Ali e-commerce platform The total amount of commodity transactions has reached 54.1 billion yuan.

As Ma Yun said at the “Double 11” party: Double 11 is not a discount day, but a Thanksgiving day. It is a manufacturer who is grateful to consumers with the best products and the best price. “I hope that in the double 11, everyone buys not only goods, but surprises; not only is it cheap, but innovation; waiting for more than just parcels, it is more fun. Double 11 is not a promotion, It is a kind of cultural exchange and happy sharing. It is a festival created by the Chinese and recognized by the whole world.”