Small micro-business transformation is difficult New retail “small ecology” highlights

At present, most small and micro-businesses are consciously moving towards new retail. When they move their products from offline to online, small and micro-businesses are also getting more and more expensive from the concern that physical store rents remain high. In the context of getting more and more difficult anxiety, in this context, customized small programs have become a good medicine to alleviate the anxiety of business traffic.

Recently, Box Technology released the strategic new product “Huidian”. “Huidian” can create a unique small program for the merchants independently, and receive 24 hours online customer, transaction, self-driven, self-extension, automatic settlement, Box Technology CEO Han Sen It means that by tailoring the exclusive small programs for different merchants, improving the brand recognition of the merchants, and simultaneously integrating the online and offline development lines into one port, it can also help the merchants to digitally precipitate the original users, which is targeted. Launch brand campaigns to avoid traffic loss and aggregate new traffic. Merchants no longer need to switch back and forth between multiple operating systems such as management and marketing as in the past, but through the intelligent management system of Huidian, they can build a unique “small ecology” under the new retail era.

Small micro-business transformation is difficult

“Because of the penetration of mobile payments, changes in application scenarios, and changes in the way information is delivered, today’s traditional marketing methods are completely ineffective. The biggest pain point for business operations is that there is no passenger flow, and it is not only particularly difficult but also extremely expensive for them to obtain traffic. With the change of business model, merchants must transition from the original person-seeking era to the present-day material-seeking era.” Han Sen analyzed the current business pain points of the physical merchants, and the merchants also responded to the rapid delivery service due to logistics. The inevitable trend of getting store services to the home service. Although the current business people are aware of the existence of their own problems, they are also eager to even change, but they have no technology, no ability to innovate, no talent, and the road to transformation of small and micro businesses is extremely difficult.

Faced with the increasing cost of obtaining customers, the difficulty in improving the repurchase rate, and the complicated operation of multi-platform switching, there are more and more platforms and small programs on the market to solve business problems for physical merchants. The operating pain points that Wan Xiaowei merchants urgently need to solve.

What kind of management system can solve these problems? “We need to change our way of thinking, change the marketing method, and also need a complete system. Without the support of the system, we can’t operate the business efficiently. Only by the system can we block the user at the door.” Han Sen pointed out that ‘Huidian “It is a small program specially designed for physical businesses. Through the six sections of drainage, marketing, distribution, transaction, customer retention, and merchant management, the value of customers is created, and the merchants have their own platform. It is understood that the current box Science and technology has gathered 81 million small and micro-businesses in China, and more than 2,800 county towns across the country. The coverage rate of box technology has reached 70%.

Cracking the business dilemma needs to be decentralized

In response to the current dilemma of small and micro-entity merchants, Jiang Nanchun, chairman of Focus Media, said: “Everyone has been talking about the Chinese Internet entering the second half. What is the biggest difference between the second half and the first half? I think that is decentralization. You can see that the largest Internet companies before were all centralized Internet companies, but today we can see the success of small programs, such as small programs, which are not centered successfully, and are decentralized.”

There is a good listing in May this year, known as “the first share of Wechat Ecology”, praised CEO White Raven said in an interview with Nanfang Daily, E-Commerce is currently starting to force in the city of 3,456,6, the original 400 million online shopping Beyond the crowd, there are more than 500 million market increments. Behind the rise of store businesses from the media, knowledge paying, grouping and service, E-Commerce is welcoming an incremental market centered on mobile social. In addition, the time, crowd, scope, and content richness of offline new business are constantly increasing, which brings new opportunities and space to the offline retail market. Social networks have also become the biggest life scene and consumption. Scenes, the development of small programs will follow.