Preheating Black Five Wal-Mart starts offering offers in advance

On November 9th, in order to steal the annual Black Five discount, Wal-Mart said it will start offering holiday offers to customers on Thursday.

It is understood that Wal-Mart will start a big discount at 10:00 pm on the eve of Thanksgiving Day in the US Eastern Time, instead of the traditional zero point. Wal-Mart also said that it will distribute 4 million cups of high-quality coffee and nearly 2 million Christmas cookies from Wal-Mart’s bakery in the two hours before the start of Black Five to create a festive atmosphere.

At present, Wal-Mart’s official website has begun to have some “early birds” special products released for the black five brush popularity. However, it is worth noting that its competitor Amazon said that it will provide unlimited service for the shopping season. The retailer Target also said that the threshold will be cancelled before December 22, and only Wal-Mart still maintains $35. Threshold.