Netease koala strategy signing Ballet Lisi, global home textile layout continues to expand

On October 29th, Netease Koala announced a strategic partnership with Germany’s high-end home textile brand Paradies. After the signing of the strategy, the two parties will conduct close cooperation in the in-depth supply chain in the future. Netease koala will provide Chinese consumers with a richer and more diverse selection of high-end home textile brands by introducing a variety of products including high-end goose down duvets, fiber quilts and latex pillows, and continue to expand the layout advantages of imported home textiles. .

Netease koala strategy signing for Paradies

Founded in 1854, Balletis has become the only home textile brand to be selected as a DIN (German Standards Institute, the German authority to set standards) with its high-quality, high-tech brand concept. In 2010, Balletley and Lufthansa reached a partnership to provide Ballet quilt cores, pillows and mattresses for the A380 First Class. As a representative brand of high-quality bedding, Ballet has been sold in 46 countries and regions around the world.

With the continuous improvement of Chinese consumers’ spending power, traditional consumption concepts are changing. Fluffy warm goose down duvets, skin-friendly comfort, high-tech fluffy fiber quilts, sleep-resistant technology fiber pillows, latex pillows and other diversified and high-quality bedding have already entered the main stage of the home textile market. Health, comfort, quality and craftsmanship have also replaced a single price factor, becoming the standard for more and more consumers to choose bedding brands.

“With its high quality, high-tech heritage and accumulation, the 164-year-old Ballet is the high-end bedding brand that is well-known in Germany. Netease koala will continue to introduce high-quality overseas brands like Balleté to domestic consumers.” Ms. Feng Xiaofeng, vice president of Netease Koala, said at the signing ceremony that she has reached a strategic cooperation with Balletés. In addition to helping NetEase Koala continue to expand its global home textile brand lineup, it will also provide more high-quality goods for the domestic textile consumer market.

Last year, NetEase koala and Ballleys first cooperated and tried to introduce the first batch of ballet goose down duvets on the platform. They were quickly snapped up and many items continued to be out of stock. Klaus Kremers, CEO of Balletice, said: “I believe that through this strategic cooperation with NetEase Koala, Ballray will open the Chinese market at a faster rate and reach the target consumption. group.”

The specific case of upgrading the domestic textile market is not uncommon. In the case of winter alone, under the same volume, the duvet is lighter than the traditional quilt material, especially suitable for the elderly with limited mobility. At the same time, high-priced imported duvets are favored by more and more domestic consumers. According to the relevant person in charge of NetEase koala, behind the import and export of down duvets, in fact, domestic consumers pay attention to and pay attention to the quality of feather raw materials, down cleaning methods, high-tech warmth and other quality.

The relevant person in charge of Netease koala believes that China’s huge E-Commerce market is very attractive to many overseas high-quality brands, but it is difficult for overseas brands to open up the situation in the rapidly changing E-Commerce market on their own. While helping overseas brands win the market, Netease koala will also help centennial German companies such as Balletés deliver the correct brand values ​​in China.

It is worth noting that just last week, Netease Koala also signed strategic partnerships with three major global home textile brands such as LOVO Home Textiles, Kyoto Nishikawa and Irisette. NetEase koala’s frequent efforts in the home textile market continue to introduce more foreign high-quality brands. While improving the layout of its home furnishing categories and fine-category purposes, it is also bound to accelerate the upgrading of quality consumption in the domestic home market.