Netease carefully selected on the line to fight together

On October 26th, since the rapid development of the low-cost group business, many major E-Commerce companies have also launched the group business. Recently, NetEase has carefully selected the APP to quietly launch a low-priced group business called “Strictly selected and fight together”.

According to the “Electronic Business Daily”, NetEase’s strict selection of the group currently has two types of grouping: APP group and two-person group. The so-called APP group is able to enjoy the group discount on Netease’s carefully selected APP, and the price is usually very low. In this regard, NetEase’s strict selection said that the group business will be in 2017, Netease strictly selects a variety of operating methods such as limited time purchase, crowdfunding, etc., the group is one of the ways to play.

In 2018, a lot of explosive growth and successful listing, so that more people see the potential of the market, especially in the case of online customer costs continue to rise, the “buy” model has become an E-Commerce The platform has quickly introduced a new way of attracting customers, and they have launched a group business.

A lot of volume is expanding at a record speed. It is used in 2015. It has about 80 million users in 2016 when it was launched in 2016. In March 2017, users broke 100 million, and in the first quarter of this year, its total The number of users has reached 295 million. In 2017, a lot of GMV (the amount of website transactions) reached RMB 141.2 billion, and it has become the third largest E-Commerce company in China outside of Ali and JD.

In March of this year, Taobao launched a “special edition” of Hand Tao, which was considered by the industry to be a lot of standard. Perhaps the Taobao special edition has little effect, after less than half a year. In August, Taobao and Alipay quietly went online to fight the group function, launched a “time-limited spelling group”, recommending different branded products to users in different time periods, divided into 9: 00, 14:00, 19:00, this gameplay is similar to the multiplayer mode. On the other hand, has also launched a “purchase” project, which is mostly low-priced products. According to public data, with the help of the Wechat applet port, during the period of June 18, Jingdong’s order volume increased by nearly 24 times year-on-year, and the number of order users increased by more than 17 times. According to relevant statistics, in 2016, the number of E-Commerce users purchased in China was 907 million. By 2017, the number of users who had subscribed had reached 211 million, an increase of 117.5%. With the major E-Commerce giants also on the line to buy projects, it is estimated that in 2020, China’s subscription users will reach 497 million people.

A lot of efforts are like breaking through the bamboo, which has shaken the original E-Commerce market structure, and the major E-Commerce platforms have entered the game to compete for the big cake in the market. From the Wechat index, the number of Wechat indexes on October 9 was the highest, at 17,799,966, which was 2.41% on a day-to-day basis. The second was for Jingdong, with an index of 293,285, a day-to-day ratio of 36.92%; while Suning’s purchase and Taobao specials were not High, both are less than 4,000, but have maintained a high daily growth rate. It is not difficult to see that when the buying business of other platforms rises, the attention of many people will also face a decline.

Judging from the current layout, the shopping business is highly valued by the E-Commerce giants. Perhaps the end of the year will usher in the battle of the giants with full firepower. However, there is no doubt that the purchase of E-Commerce is positioned in the third- and fourth-tier cities and housewives and the rural E-Commerce users who are just getting started. The huge number of users has great market space, and the layout of consumer grading market will become a purchase of electricity. The direction of business development.

With the penetration of the Internet market, the E-Commerce giants will not only play with the offline group, they can rely on their own resources to expand the characteristics of the group, and at the same time use low-cost strategy to attract A batch of traffic has entered. How does the E-Commerce trend turn, and how far can the group business go? After all, the market needs to give us the answer.