Mobile books become second-hand deals “hot goods”

“Double 11” is about to enter its tenth year. The prosperity of the first-hand E-Commerce has also caused a large number of idle items in the “hands-on” family. It is another option for consumers to go to the second-hand platform to “realize” idle items. A few days ago, the “user observation report under the second-hand economy” released by the 36-inch joint second-hand trading platform showed that over 70% of the respondents had to conduct 1-2 second-hand transactions per week, and 80% of the second-hand trading users were 18 to 34 years old. The crowd is showing a trend of youthfulness, and mobile phones and books have become popular goods for second-hand transactions.

Second-hand trading habits gradually developed

According to the report released by the Joint 36氪, 99% of users accessing the information on the second-hand idle goods trading platform through online channels, and 90% of the mobile-use users. The user’s second-hand trading habits are gradually being developed. Among the respondents, the proportion of users who use the second-hand trading platform to buy and sell goods at least once a week is 74%, and 90% of users will trade second-hand items at least once a month.

High-frequency users of second-hand transactions are mainly young people. According to the report, 80% of second-hand trading users are 18 to 34 years old, and the overall level of education is high, and the income level is in the middle and upper class.

Users have a strong purpose in second-hand transactions. The data shows that the peak period of users using the second-hand trading platform is mainly concentrated between 8:00 and 10:00, with an average usage time of 33.5 minutes. Nearly 60% of users complete browsing and trading needs in less than 30 minutes.

Half of users are keen on used mobile phones

Among the second-hand transaction categories, users have the highest attention to mobile phones. According to the report, 86% of respondents will pay attention to mobile phone categories when browsing second-hand trading websites, and 52.5% of users will buy and sell used mobile phones on second-hand trading platforms. Among the higher-income users whose monthly personal income is between 15,000 and 20,000, more than 50% will pay attention to mobile phone sales.

Due to the fast iterative update of second-hand mobile phones, the frequency of young people changing their mobile phones is also increasing. In the second-hand mobile phone transaction, 57% of the respondents’ mobile phone update frequency was maintained within 2 years. The purchase of second-hand mobile phones has become one of the main ways to change the machine. Forty percent of the respondents indicated that they are willing to buy second-hand mobile phones, and 70% of the respondents indicated that they need a second-hand trading platform to provide professional inspection and quality inspection services. The transfer platform data also shows that nearly 90% of the second-hand mobile phone transaction orders on the platform choose the inspection service provided by the platform.

Book transactions are most frequent

As the Chinese paper book market continues to heat up, online second-hand book transactions are also valued by capital markets and head players. According to the report data, among the second-hand item types traded by users, book transactions are the most frequent, but the expenditure is the least, lower than games and audio-visual products, and the turnover is maintained between 100 yuan and 299 yuan. This is mainly because the book price is low, and the second-hand book has a more obvious price advantage than the new book.

The transfer also went online for the book self-service. The user can choose to sell the book to an individual’s C2C mode, or choose to sell to the C2B2C mode of the transfer platform. The transfer will standardize the management of the second-hand books received, and guarantee the quality of the “quasi-new book” of second-hand books through a series of links such as recycling, cleaning, disinfection and plastic packaging. It is reported that the price of second-hand books is only half of the price of Jingdong New Books, and the price is higher.

The transfer of CEO Huang Wei said that the second-hand economy is still in its infancy, and the construction of the credit system and the protection of the rights of users need to be taken seriously.