Ma Yun wishes everyone’s Tmall double 11 happy: without you there is no miracle today

On the evening of November 10th, Ma Yun used a video to thank all the people who participated in and created Tmall Double 11 in a video with a video, and wished consumers and businesses around the world a happy 11 .

This year is the tenth Tmall double 11. In Ma Yun’s mind, the double 11 is not a discount day, but a Thanksgiving day. It is a manufacturer who is grateful to consumers with the best products and the best price. “I hope that in the double 11, everyone buys not only goods, but surprises; not only is it cheap, but innovation; waiting for more than just parcels, it is more fun. Double 11 is not a promotion, It is a kind of cultural exchange and happy sharing. It is a festival created by the Chinese and recognized by the whole world.”

Figure / Ma Yun Challenge Tmall Crab Farm Yin Fuying

That night, Tmall double 11 nights will be dedicated to five participants of the double 11, Ma Yun first tried different occupations, continuously challenged a cat crab farmer with a hairy crab for 8 seconds, painted lipstick to paint the Guinness World Record Taobao anchor, the monthly package of 40,000 packages of the package queen, 15 seconds to put 30 POSE Taobao models, sent a 17-year express rookie star plan five-star express brother… Results Ma Yun lost, but he said lose I am very happy to be convinced, and pay tribute to every ordinary and great creator of the Ten Years of the Cat.

Ma Yun said, “Today we lost very happy, because our customers are strong, our partners are strong, and our employees are strong. This is our own true greatest success. It is everyone who created the double 11 and your miracle. .”

Through the stage of the Tmall Double 11 Party, Ma Yun wants to say thank you to everyone: “Thanks to all the friends who participated in the Double 11, thank you to all the couriers, customer service staff, all the hard work behind you! No you No miracle today! Wish everyone, double 11 happy!”