Lu Jiting, Akin and other international brands entered the Ni Haomei platform, opening a new chapter in new retail!

The new retail concept has become one of the most popular Internet vocabulary since Ma Yun was introduced at the Yunqi Conference. Whether it is Internet giants such as Ali Netease or start-ups, they are constantly expanding their new retail space, striving to gain a certain market share in this field, and even hope to become a leader in this field.

At present, there is no fixed gameplay for new retail. Many companies are exploring and hope to explore a new retail model suitable for their own businesses. Ali, Tencent and other Internet giants continue to acquire traditional offline stores such as RT-Mart and Sanjiang, as well as Tmall and Jingdong.

Recently imported beauty and new retail platform Ni Haomei and Australian brand Akin, Australian natural cosmeceutical brand Botani, Japan H&B Lab’s Xuemeiqing, Caomu Huashi, Japan’s famous beauty brand Lu Jiting and other brands Achieved cooperation, the brand stores are stationed in the Ni Haomei platform, from the offline to the online, online and offline, opened a new chapter of new retail.

Ni Haomei is a new imported beauty retail platform with offline stores as its core entrance. It has more than 100 overseas famous brand licenses and more than 20,000 overseas high-quality goods. The offline store owners have no threshold to enter, and have a strong supply chain system. The international procurement warehousing logistics after-sales system, the supply is stable, the authentic guarantee, the fake one loses ten, the customs supervision, after-sales worry-free.

After the brand store enters Ni Haomei, it will open its own store on Ni Haomei, and users can purchase their products on the platform store. When users use Ni Haomei to purchase, the beauty platform can take the user navigation to the nearest brand store to experience. When the user feels good under the online experience, they can place an order online.

Ni Haomei will recommend matching products according to the store’s business attributes. The owner can also apply for the wish category. After the platform is reviewed, quantitative samples will be provided for the store to display. Consumers can experience for free, and can also place orders through the online supermarkets of the store! On the one hand, the platform guarantees the products while ensuring that they will never be diverted. On the other hand, they will be responsible for express delivery and follow-up services.

In the future, Ni Haomei will be connected to more international brands, and the new retail road of Ni Haomei will become more and more clear.