Liquor companies sell herbal teas, trying to enrich product lines

On October 26th, Yibin Lianglu Wine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lianglu Wine Industry”) announced that it will launch a bubble herbal tea called “Fire Dew” to enrich its product line.

It is understood that this “fire dew” bubble herbal tea is a herbal tea infused with carbon dioxide, and is made of herbal plants such as pueraria, lotus seeds, lily, and jade bamboo as the main ingredients of herbal tea. In order to kill a bloody road in the field of herbal tea, it highlights the taste of lime in the taste, and focuses on the market where hot food restaurants such as hot pot restaurants are selling spicy food.

Cool tea wine is a bubble tea, obviously it wants to enrich its product line with its own advantages in the channel. However, in the big situation where the herbal tea market is weak, it is still necessary to put a question mark on whether it can win.