Jingdong Luhua strategic cooperation upgrade in 3 years to sell 3 billion

China’s online and offline largest supermarket Jingdong Supermarket and China’s leading edible oil industry Luhua Group signed a strategic agreement on November 9. From now on, the two parties will explore the new development model of unbounded retail, and carry out in-depth cooperation in supply chain optimization, online and offline channel integration, innovative marketing, big data reverse customization, etc., continue to optimize costs, develop new business growth points, and upgrade online. The brand image, to meet the escalating consumer demand, let Luhua achieve the goal of achieving 3 billion sales in Jingdong Supermarket within 3 years. Lu Hua chose to use this platform during the period of 11.11, and also fully explained the significance of the Jingdong platform to Luhua.

Vice President of Jingdong Group, President of Consumer Goods Division of Daxie Consumer Group, Feng Yu, CEO of Luhua Group, Yu Ziyu signed on behalf of both parties

Luhua’s compound growth of 115% in Jingdong’s year promises to Jingdong Supermarket user priority

Shandong Luhua Group is the leading enterprise of high-end edible oil in China and the first brand of peanut oil in China. Innovation and research and development are the driving force behind the continuous development of Luhua. The 5S physical pressing process has led the second revolution of Chinese edible oil. To provide consumers with better products and more thoughtful services, Luhua actively innovated sales channels, and chose to be the partner of Jingdong Supermarket, the largest supermarket in China.

In 2013, Luhua entered the Jingdong with distributors and opened the era of Luhua edible oil E-Commerce. With the upstream of the channel, in July 2014, Luhua canceled the dealers to directly cooperate with Jingdong and grow into the fast lane. Jingdong Supermarket through the supermarket Baichengxing activities, Jingdong convenience store, Jingdong New Road, Jingdong catering and other channels, to help brands to achieve channel sinking, open online and offline integration, thereby enhancing user experience and brand influence. In 2017, Luhua’s annual sales momentum in Jingdong Supermarket surged and won the top ten results in the food category sales list. Since 2013, the compound growth rate has reached 115% this year. According to this trend, sales in 2020 are expected to exceed 1 billion.

Luhua, which is favored by Jingdong supermarket users, promised in the strategic agreement that it will give priority to Jingdong Supermarket to provide quality, fresh and rich food. Based on meeting the needs of new consumers, Luhua will cooperate with Jingdong Supermarket in an active and in-depth manner to cooperate in innovative R&D and new product creation of edible oils and other categories, and to create more exclusive funds belonging to Jingdong E-Commerce in the future. Flower products.

Play Jingdong Big Data Luhua’s first push custom sales will be hot

After entering the Jingdong platform, Luhua’s share in peanut oil and rapeseed oil remained stable. In particular, the 5S pressed first-grade peanut oil was deeply trusted and loved by consumers because it fits better with the “health concept” of modern people. Based on this, Jingdong proposed a targeted solution according to the characteristics of Luhua products, empowering the Luhua brand, achieving rapid online expansion and occupying the edible oil highland.

Based on the reference of Jingdong Big Data, Luhua introduced Jingdong‘s exclusive customized models to achieve more accurate marketing, such as consumer shopping habits, purchase frequency, user portraits, and consumption levels, so as to achieve product optimization and business growth. During the 618 promotion period in 2015, Luhua launched the first 6.18L peanut oil customized for Jingdong, which was fully blossomed on the Jingdong platform, and its sales far exceeded the traditional 5L explosives. In December of the same year, Luhua achieved an annual sales of 100 million yuan and became a member of the Jingdong 100 million club.

In 2015, 618, Luhua launched the first 6.18L peanut oil customized for Jingdong.

After experiencing the sweetness of precision marketing, in this strategic upgrade, the two sides will carry out more extensive cooperation on consumer shopping habits in terms of big data, including consumer portraits and consumer shopping habits. In-depth research, for both parties to operate, market teams to better adjust business models and precision marketing, to bring consumers a better consumer experience. During the Super Promotion Day, 618, 11.11, etc., Jingdong will also help Luhua to increase its exposure and flow support to jointly promote the quality of life of consumers.

Deep-rooted unbounded retail

With strong marketing, technology and supply chain capabilities, JD has always empowered its partners to help them create greater value in the industry and user perception. Predicting the trend of consumption convergence between online and offline, Jingdong has already launched the layout of unbounded retail before the industry, and has achieved innovative results in user interaction, inventory interoperability and interoperability.

Jingdong and Luhua will also conduct in-depth exploration of the new model of unbounded retail, creating an “omnichannel” consumption model for consumers. On the basis of continuing to promote cooperation with Jingdong New Pathway and Jingdong Catering, the two sides will strengthen cooperation in supply chain optimization, channel integration and expansion, and open up online and offline to enhance user experience and brand influence.

The Jingdong Supermarket, which is the first in the line, has recently launched the “L.E.A.D.” (leading) strategy. In the future, through the implementation of the four strategies of “Full-chain unbounded, fully empowered, full-speed growth and full-scale construction”, we will further empower our partners and consolidate the leading position of Jingdong Supermarket. This strategic upgrade with Luhua will be upgraded. The industry is regarded as a high-profile landing of Jingdong Supermarket’s new leading strategy, creating a new benchmark for deep cooperation between E-Commerce and brand.