Jingdong announced that the watch “2 years warranty” service was launched

On November 3rd, Jingdong announced that the “2-year warranty” service was launched. And publish relevant service rules. The rule will come into effect on November 6.

It is reported that the “2-year warranty” is a special service launched by JD.com for the products under the category of “watches”. It means that the merchant promises that when the consumer purchases the goods with the “2 year warranty” service mark in the store, it will be within two years from the date of receipt of the goods by the consumer (from the time of signing the next day to 730 days), if the goods In the case of quality problems within the scope of the warranty, the merchant will provide the after-sales guarantee service in the form of return, free maintenance, free replenishment or maintenance fee according to the specific conditions of the product within the prescribed time limit of the platform.

Jingdong said that the “two-year warranty” service merchants can voluntarily apply for opening, which is not mandatory. The merchant can apply for opening in the “platform basic service” in the background of the merchant, and the service can be checked after passing the audit.

In terms of the exit mechanism, this service is divided into active exit and passive exit. Among them, the choice of active exit means that after a single SPU dimension item is actively exited, the merchant can open the service for the related product again at the product release page at any time; the shop dimension exit needs to re-apply the service in the background interface. Passing away from the merchant can’t apply again.