IKEA online e-commerce business 149 cities across the country into the business map

According to the IKEA official website, the IKEA online store in the trial operation stage is now open to 149 service cities.

In August of this year, Song Yingai, vice president of retail at IKEA China, announced at the press conference in FY 2019 that it would launch E-Commerce services within the year. Just two months apart, the home appliance business should be officially launched and trial operation. 149 cities including Beijing were taken the lead. Incorporate the business map of Yishang.

It is understood that IKEA currently only has an E-Commerce business on the official website. The sales category covers more than 20 kitchen cabinets, home appliances and mattresses, and more than 9,000 products. It is worth noting that IKEA uses third-party logistics and chooses to cooperate with new brothers, Li & Fung and Jingdong instead of self-built logistics.

That is to say, consumers need to pay their own logistics costs after purchasing goods on their official website. At present, the distribution methods provided by IKEA are divided into express delivery and truck delivery. The delivery of goods within 30 kilograms of a single piece is 9.9 yuan per piece; the delivery of goods is provided by goods within 30 cubic meters or more of a single piece. According to the distance, it is divided into three distribution standards: 69 yuan, 99 yuan and 199 yuan, and IKEA’s delivery fee is charged on a single basis.