How crazy is the Chinese to eat? Shanghai’s group of people joined the book to live in the box room.

After three years of madness, the box horse became an outstanding member of the Ali Zoo, and the box room also followed the fame and became the standard for the selection of Chinese people!

Last night, Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group, mentioned the “box house” for the first time in an open letter to shareholders.

Zhang Yong said that Box Horse has now opened 77 stores, and the concept of “box room” and the ideal living circle of three kilometers around has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In fact, far before Zhang Yong wrote the shareholder letter, the box room was already popular.

Last summer, there was a Shanghai woman who vacantly rented a million-dollar mansion and rented a house in the box area, which attracted the attention of the whole people. In order to let the family enjoy the box horse service, Miss Li of Shanghai first let the babysitter go to the critical point of three kilometers and the “connector” of the box horse delivery staff. Later, she moved to the box room and became the legend of the food industry!

In the “eat” incident, you never know how crazy the Chinese are!

A small couple in Hangzhou vacated their new home, but ran to live with their in-laws. It turned out to be a hot meal at home.

It was not until the box horse entered Hangzhou that the couple had ended their “old age” life.

Now they are used to ordering food on the box horse app after work every day. After half an hour, they arrive at home, and the dishes are also arrived at the same time. They will soon be able to eat hot meals.

Some people waited for the bald head to live in the box room, but some people did not bother to become a winner in life.

When the school started this fall, more than 20 college students in Xi’an were favored by three boxes of Mamen stores. The netizens were envious, so they could live in the box room at a young age!

To say that netizens are still too young, the owners of Shanghai Yindu Mingshu are much smarter.

Recently, Yindu Mingshu owners requested a joint letter from the box expansion area to screen on the Internet. The community owners even explained one by one the reason why Yindu Mingshu should become a box room.

For example, the community is just 3 kilometers away from the box of the new store. Many residents spend three or more times a week in the box horse.

For example, the neighboring cells are all sent.

It’s really sad, the listener is crying…

In the end, this serious posture finally touched the box horse, and 546 households wished to “stay in” the box room!

Box Horse CEO Hou Yi promised to speed up the opening of the store in the future. It is expected that the number of Box Horse Shops will reach 100 before and after Tmall Double 11!

More people will be admitted to the box room, and there will be a box of horses that cover the world’s fresh “family refrigerator”!

As the recognition of the box room continues to rise, the new three-kilometer ideal living circle of Ali is gradually gaining popularity.

The three-kilometer ideal living circle consists of new retail formats such as Box Horse, Amoy, Hungry, Word of Mouth, Tmall Wisdom Store, and everything to eat, drink and play.

To put it simply, within three kilometers, a mobile phone has to be flawed!

This year, Tmall double 11, Ali line ecology will be fully launched, including Box Horse, RT-Mart, Intime, Real Home, etc., consumers can sign the energy or sign online, you can get the energy value, converted into Tmall double 11 red packets. The three-kilometer ideal life circle concept will also be displayed in all directions.