GXG announces double 11 record: once again won the Tmall men’s category NO.1

The 2018 double 11 that just came to a close is another unforgettable 24 hours. All E-Commerce brands are smashing. In the GXG E-Commerce office is also brightly lit, and many of the “hands-on party” waiting for the night, GXG E-Commerce partners gathered together, waiting for the arrival of zero. In this sleepless night, everyone dressed in a 7-color suit to prepare for the double 11, the exciting double 11 slogan and battle flag can be seen everywhere in the battlefield, GXG has been fully prepared for the arrival of the double 11.

GXG’s record is gratifying, winning the double 11 men’s category NO.1

At 0:00 on the 11th, the 10th Tmall “Double 11” Global Carnival was officially opened. The GXG Double 11 combat big screen began to beat the number of double 11 turnovers. The scene was boiling and witnessed the constantly refreshing double 11 records. According to the unaudited preliminary data of the GXG platform, at 0:1:7, the turnover of the electronics business of Mushang Group broke through 100 million, 3 minutes faster than last year. The excitement of the first wave of climax has not passed, and the time nodes will be strong: after only 1 minute and 31 seconds, the turnover of GXG brand broke through 100 million, and reached a new high; 12:03:14, GXG single brand broke 335 million Yuan, refreshed the double 11 single-day sales record last year, nearly 12 hours faster than last year. In the end, the Mushang Group E-Commerce company closed at 554 million yuan, and the GXG brand ended with a score of 402 million yuan. The GXG brand once again won the first sales of Tmall men’s wear (men’s wear category stores).

Brand digital transformation, new retail drive double 11 carnival

Behind the record high turnover, the business transformation driven by brand digitalization. GXG has continued to explore and change over the past year. The brand is based on front-end digitalization, combined with the integration of Ali’s member data, through product seamless purchase and omni-channel closed-loop marketing, which drives the digitalization of stores, goods and passengers, bringing consumers an online and offline integrated shopping experience. Among them, the sales of direct-operated stores accounted for nearly 70%, which laid the foundation for the new retail layout and improved the management level of the stores. Based on this, GXG has completed the integration of online and offline members and marketing architecture. In addition to different channels, other departments will fully coordinate and make targeted strategic planning. At this point, GXG has taken the lead in realizing the preconditions for new retail. The operating model of GXG’s new retail platform has promoted the continuous development of the brand and enhanced the omni-channel consumer experience, thereby improving the efficiency of the company’s gross profit and inventory turnover.

Fighting throughout the year, GXG is actively preparing for the double 11

For eight consecutive years, Double 11 and GXG have refreshed their sales records again and again. This year, the Double 11 and GXG use multiple rounds of measurement and preparation for the Double 11. From the promotion of 618 in the year to 99, and the multi-round measurement and preparation of the double 11, before the sale of the double 11, the flexible supply chain was driven, and the big data analysis based on massive data collection and processing timely supplemented the explosive stocking. Improve supply chain flexibility and efficiency, and optimize the double 11 stocking structure. At the same time, this year, GXG jointly upgraded the smart supply chain with Tmall and rookie, launched 500 stores, and jointly delivered the goods to consumers during the Double 11 period. Through accurate forecasting and intelligent sub-sectors, the timeliness was improved, and the goods were shortened. When the factory arrives at the market, the goods will reach the consumers faster. Among them, some brands use robots instead of labor to improve operational efficiency. Make the Double 11 faster, more streamlined, smarter, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and provide consumers with a seamless shopping experience.

The continuous development of GXG’s entire brand has become the reason for consumers’ double 11 crazy. Behind every refresh record is the consumer’s affirmation of GXG brand products. GXG has won consumers’ love with its high-quality consumer concept and styled brand tonality, helping GXG to expand its consumer market once again and establish its position as China’s leading fashion menswear company.