Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise Registration in Free Trade Zones

Free Trade Zone Companies Registration

  No Registered Capital Needed 
  No Physical Address Required 
  move funds in and out of China freely
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Free-Trade Zones Started in Shanghai. On 22 August 2013, the State Council approved the establishment of SFTZ. Officially launched on 29 September 2013 with the backing of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, it is the first free-trade zone in mainland China. The zone covers an area of 120.72 square kilometers and integrates four existing bonded zones in the district of Pudong — Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Waigaoqiao Free Trade Logistics Park, Yangshan Free Trade Port Area and Pudong Airport Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. Since 21 April 2015, Shanghai FTZ's areas are expanded, including Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone, Shanghai Jinqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. Now except Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin also have Free Trade Zones. Please watch the video on the right to know more about FTZs.

Benefits of Free Trade Zones

Financial – Foreign banks will be able to establish WFOE or majority-controlled subsidiaries within shorter time frames. The financial institutions are expected to progressively be granted licenses for cross-border financial products. The promotion of renminbi convertibility and relaxed administrative controls will greatly facilitate treasury cross-border fund management for companies – financial and non-financial alike – with regional headquarters in China. Different than other bonded areas, the biggest feature of FTZ is the special custom monitoring system called ‘Domestic but out of Customs’, which means ‘open the A-line (Free Trade Zone and borderline) and control the B line (Free Trade Zone and Non Free Trade Zone)’. This expedited clearance of goods and materials is beneficial in terms of cost and time for logistics companies specifically.

Customs – Overseas shipments will not need customs clearance until a later stage, simplifying the operation of logistics companies within the FTZ. Reducing costs and complexities involved in the logistics could further encourage international manufacturers to set up a regional manufacturing and logistics hub in Shanghai.

Administrative – An important reform which will attract foreign investors is a drastic simplification of the administrative burden of applying for approval and registration within the FTZ. Foreign investors within the zone will be subject to the same application procedure and requirements as domestic investors and the process will require a single application at a single location, provided their business scope is not contained within the “Negative List” for which special approval is needed.

Competitive regulatory and tax environment – new tax policies are being adopted to support innovative business models. Firms may choose to pay Import taxes that apply to imported components, or the Import taxes applying to the finished components.

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Documents required
For individual investors:
The only thing we need is your passport. 2x Passport copies of Investors need be certified by Chinese embassy or consulate. If you are in China please contact us as some cities accept your passport directly.

For enterprises:
1. 2x Certificate of Incorporations, Articles of Formation or Equivalent document certified by Chinese embassy or Chinese consulate overseas.
2. 2x Bank Reference Letters from investor’s bank
3. Passport copy of (i) Parent company's director (ii) China company's Legal Representative and (iii) China company's supervisor
4. China Legal Representative provides: 6 photos (2 inches size), brief resume
5. Registered capital;
6. Business Scope;
7. 8 proposed Chinese names of China company
8. Office address in China, 2x leasing contracts, 2x certificate of real estate ownership, and 2x landlord identification, 4x Letter of Authorization

Our Services

China Company Registration

Your Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in Free Trade Zones can be set up in one month. Whether it's Trading WFOE, Manufacturing WFOE, Consulting WFOE, or Food & Beverage WOFE, we can help! Besides that, you can also register Joint Venture Company and Partnership Enterprise. The process will be transparent as we don't make money by setting up your company, we focus on your success.

E commerce

Running your e-commerce stores in China is easy. We can assist you with opening stores on Taobao, tmall, JD and all other major e-commerce platforms in China. Our professional team can boost your sales in lightening speed. Order fulfillment is localized just as you fulfill domestic orders.

Marketing in China

Chinese consumers love foreign brands. We know you are doing well in your own country. Now is the time to bring your popularity into China. Our brand building team are all marketing gurus in China. We connect with top influencers in China and manage 100m+ fans on WeChat and Weibo. We do not just consult, we execute your marketing strategy. You can sit and watch the results.

Warehouse & Logistics

Wants to ship your orders from China? no problem. We work with selected warehouse and logistics companies in China. You can ship your inventory to Free Trade Zones tax-free. The tax will only be charged when you ship the products out of Free Trade Zones. All your inventories and orders will be traceable.

Financial & Tax

We can help you open business bank accounts in majors banks in China. We provide professional Tax & Accounting service in China. You can focus on running your business, we serve as your financial department in China.

Customer Service

When doing customer service we know you are thinking of the language barrier, Leave it to us. We can help you build a professional service team. They can be online 24/7 and customers' problems will be handled the Chinese way.

Virtual Address & Virtual Office

Maintaining a physical office is expensive in China. Our virtual address solution works the same as a physical address. Now you can run your business virtually in China. Transactions flow through your bank accounts, sales are boosting but you are not required to be in China.

China Visa

We help you get your China working Visa within a month. It's Valid for 12 or 24 months and renewable. Your family can also come together with you.

Types of Companies

Joint Venture (JV)

A Joint Venture is a business arrangement in which the participants create a new business entity and share expenses, management responsibilities, and profits and losses.