Faster will launch marketing platform to accelerate commercialization

On October 24th, the seven-year-old fast-handed person revealed the commercialization path to the outside world for the first time.

“After more than a year of exploration, fast-paced commercialization speeds up, we are about to launch a fast-hand marketing platform. We hope to provide users with a richer experience in the fast-handed community by providing commercial capabilities, and achieve greater value.” Founder and CEO of Fast Hand Company Hua said.

Tencent “First Line” also learned that at the end of October this year, the fast-handed officially launched a marketing platform, related products include: information flow advertising, brand tab page ads, fan headlines, quick orders, fast hand shop, child matrix number, business number, etc. .

In the media communication activities, Yan Qiang, vice president of commercialization of Fast Hand Company, said that the above products can be divided into two categories: fast-hand advertising and fast-handed commercial open platform.

The commercialization of fast hands has been reflected in its APP. Recently, the frequency of fast-moving advertisements has increased, covering games, E-Commerce, local services, etc., and before September, users are not easy to get ads in fast hands.

In addition, there are many brand advertisements on the fast hand, including Harbin Beer, Baique Ling, Cool Music, “Mission Impossible 6”, and Unilever’s Jiale Spicy Fresh Dew.

Yan Qiang said that the goal of fast-hand advertising is to make advertising more efficient and accurate. The fast-opening commercial open platform is guided by “long-term effects”. The main goal is to open these business capabilities to merchants and anchors to help everyone better. Realize your own business value, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for merchants, creators, ordinary users and fast-handers.

Social advertising is a billion-dollar market that Internet giants are vying for. The “A comprehensive analysis of China’s Internet advertising market 2018” released by Analysys expects that the scale of China’s Internet advertising market will be 350.9 billion yuan in 2018, and will increase to 660 billion yuan by 2020. Among them, the market size of social advertising in 2018 is 50.2 billion yuan, and will grow to 83.8 billion yuan by 2020.

For businesses that want to get users, short videos are a marketing position that cannot be ignored.

Up to now, fast-time daily active users (DAU) have reached 130 million, and users have extensive coverage from first- and second-tier cities to 3,456 and 6 cities and rural areas. The daily short video uploads are more than 15 million.

In the layout of the fast-moving marketing platform, “AI+Social” is listed as the core.

According to the fast-handed, there are currently more than 7 billion short-storage videos, and more than 15 million short videos are uploaded every day, which is accurately pushed to 130 million daily users. Fast-track streaming ads match the short video content provided by advertisers with long-term accumulated big data AI technology to match interested users.

In addition, the fast hand said that its users also formed a deep relationship chain, this “old iron”-like love and fast-handed content is extremely rich, is a feature that fast-handed is difficult to be imitated.

Yan Qiang, vice president of fast-handed commercialization, said that the core of the fast-handed “old iron relationship” is temperature, trust, and loyalty. On the basis of this, commercial activities such as advertising and E-Commerce can significantly improve the conversion rate and the repurchase rate.