Fast-handed electricity supplier 3 hours to bring goods 50 million “Quick hand seller” in advance to explode double eleven

The annual “Double Eleven” shopping carnival is coming soon, and businesses and consumers are actively preparing for it. In the routine wave of “buy, buy and buy”, this dark horse of fast-handed E-Commerce was launched this year.

At 0:00 on November 6th, the “Quick Hand Selling King” event was officially launched. Headed by the fast-handed super red man “Sanshou Brother” with more than 40 million fans, many reds began to sell goods in fast hands.

Fast-handed people have amazing ability to bring goods. Only Sanda brothers, the number of live online users quickly exceeded 1 million, 3 hours led to sales of 50 million, sales results include:

1 minute sold 30,000 single-sided needle toothpaste worth 19.9 yuan, the total sales volume easily exceeded 100,000 orders;

The original price of 119 yuan of seven wolves men’s thermal underwear 59 yuan shocking price, sold nearly 100,000 sets in ten minutes;

Millet red rice 6 mobile phone with a price of 658.9 yuan, 10,000 seconds;

9.9 yuan shipping paper towel, 36 seconds 30,000 single;


At 9:00 am on November 6, the number of visitors to the Taobao shop of Sanda Co. broke through 10 million in two hours.

A fast-paced user in Beijing bought the COFCO daily nut recommended by Sanda at 1 am on the 6th, and received the goods at 3 pm that day, only 14 hours in the middle.

(Quick reds Sanda brothers bring 50 million in 3 hours)

“It’s too fast. I want to buy a lot of things, but I haven’t had a delay. Fortunately, I grabbed the first batch of Xiaomi phones,” said a fan who has been paying attention to Sanda. He has long been concerned that Sanda has been preparing for this “quick-selling king”. A few days ago, he began to record pre-heating short videos, and he continued to make momentum in the live broadcast.

The enthusiasm and ability of the fast-handed old irons to “buy and buy” was completely erupted in the “Quick Hand Selling King” event on November 6. In addition to the amazing achievements created by Sanda, the doll teaching, the big stomach king cat sister, Beyuan brother and other fast-handed people have also achieved good results. The doll teaches a 78-yuan sweater with the goods in the live broadcast. In a few minutes, it breaks through 1000, and a parent-child sweater breaks through 10,000. The big stomach king cat sister sold 30,000 boxes of hot and sour powder in one night, and the tires took more than 20,000 single pet meat.

(Doll teaches a parent-child sweater that is sold live on the fast hand, and the sales volume is over 10,000)

These powerful data show the ability of the fast-handed and old-fashioned goods to buy and buy. This black horse of the fast-handed E-Commerce has performed brilliantly. It is not sudden. There have been a lot of red people in the fast-handed hands, and this “quick-selling king” has pushed the best of these people to the public.

The fast-moving red-handed goods started with the strong demand of fast-handed users. According to the official, there are more than 1.9 million comments related to trading needs every day. After watching a short video, a large number of users will leave a message “Good to use”, “How much money”, “How to sell”, “Where to buy”, etc., hoping to realize the scene experience of “buying while watching”.

“When this kind of user demand has accumulated to a certain extent, we have begun to prepare E-Commerce related capabilities and products. Therefore, the original intention of quickly building an electrical business state is to lower the threshold of transactions between users with a better product form. Improve safety compliance,” said the head of the fast-light E-Commerce business. At present, fast hands have already reached cooperation with third-party E-Commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Zanzan, and invincible shopkeepers. Users can add the links of the above-mentioned third-party E-Commerce platform when they publish content and live broadcasts quickly. The jump of the E-Commerce platform.

Not long ago, the fast-hand official announced the speed of commercialization, founder Su Hua said: “We hope to provide users with a richer experience in the fast-handed community by providing commercial capabilities, to achieve greater value.” In the commercial version of the fast-handed, E-Commerce is an important part. The popularity of the “fast-handed goods festival” has already shown the great potential of fast-handed E-Commerce, and we will wait and see what impact this new player will bring to the trillion-dollar E-Commerce market.