eWTP first landed in Africa Alibaba and Rwanda cooperate to build eWTP

On November 1st, yesterday evening, Alibaba and the Rwandan government officially signed a memorandum in the capital Kigali, and the two sides will cooperate to build eWTP. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time eWTP has landed in African countries.

Public information shows that, unlike previous trading systems that primarily serve large companies, eWTP aims to establish an inclusive global trading system and rules. Promoting global inclusiveness in trade, tourism, training and technology, enabling global SMEs, young people and women to participate in global trade on an equal footing.

“Many people say that Rwanda has no infrastructure. I said that this is why we came here.” At the signing ceremony, Ma said that if trade, technology, training and tourism can help Rwandan farmers and SMEs integrate into global trade, then eWTP is a success.

“eWTP is not helping Rwanda to globalize, but Rwanda is building eWTP to improve globalization.” Ma said that eWTP is setting new rules for global trade for the future, which will help 80% of small businesses, women and young people around the world, “if Rwanda To be successful, 80% of the world’s countries will succeed.”