Entering 6 million restaurants! Ma Yun’s last double eleven finally revealed his ambition

Banks don’t change, we change banks; restaurants don’t change, we change restaurants.

This is Ma Yun’s determination.

First, Ali holds the grandmother’s house

On September 10, 2018, Ma Yun said that the “Retirement of Teacher’s Day next year” made the world unprepared. This means that this year’s double eleven became the last double eleven of Ma Yun.

“Last” stands for farewell and represents carnival.

Everyone knows that the double eleven is a feast of E-Commerce, and the offline stores have always been spectators.

However, in this “last session” double eleven, I did not expect Ma Yun to scream, and the offline restaurant immediately joined the carnival.

The first to blow the assembly number is the grandmother’s house of the net red restaurant with more than 80 branches.

On November 6th, the grandmother’s family announced that they would join Ali Double Eleven. The special feast of the Double Eleven can also be picked up in the restaurant.

Second, 50% discount, do not wait in line for dinner

The restaurant can also play double eleven

Not much to say, let’s first take a look at how the grandma’s double eleven is playing.

1, the money is affirmative

After the grandmother’s family accesses Ali’s word-of-mouth app, on the same day, the mobile phone orders are 20 minus 5 yuan, 50 minus 10 yuan, and up to 50% off.

In addition, customers can also buy 50% off food and drink packages through word of mouth APP, kill the big-name explosions as low as 1 yuan, and enjoy the 50 yuan newcomer exclusive gift package.

Please take a look at it. From a preferential point of view, E-Commerce‘s double eleven playing the same way as the restaurant can play.

2, AR panoramic selection

After the grandmother’s family joins the double eleven, the customer can pre-order the food through the mobile AR, 360° panoramic seat selection, immersive choice of the dining environment, or the window or the quiet private room.

3, do not line up and wait for meals

According to statistics, Hangzhou people waited 21 minutes for the average meal queue, which is one of the three cities with the longest queue in the country. In addition, the grandmother’s family is famous for the queue red. Every meal time, the equivalent customers can stand on the road.

Through the AR reservation to the store and ordering, the grandmother’s house can prepare the dishes in advance for the customers. After the customers arrive at the store, the chefs start to make the production immediately. The troubles of queuing and waiting for the meals in the traditional restaurant disappeared.

4, the restaurant to increase revenue

For the restaurant, the meal time crowded, but the meal was immediately deserted. Therefore, in addition to four or five hours of dinner, the rest of the restaurant’s service and capacity is oversupplied.

After accessing Ali’s word of mouth, the grandmother’s family can provide different discounts for different meal times. For example, this time, the double eleven, customers can enjoy a 50% discount when they book their grandparents’ leisure time after 13:40.

There is no doubt that by allowing consumers to ensure that the store is in operation for most of the day, the benefits can naturally be improved.

Third, Ma Yun’s ambition: transforming 6 million restaurants

In 2015, Ali and Ant Jinfu set up a word of mouth network together. In January 2018, the word of mouth officially entered Ali’s new retail. Ma Yun’s huge investment in building a reputation is to transform 6 million restaurants across the country and push the Chinese catering industry into the track of smart restaurants.

For us to eat, the pain points of eating are nothing more than two: the queue is difficult, and the vegetables are slow.

For the restaurant owner, there are only two pain points: no one is coming, but there is more to come.

The smart restaurant is born to solve the pain points of the catering industry. It has three axes:

1, Internet access, solve traffic

Consumers can enter word of mouth through any platform where Ali is Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, and Hungry. This has undoubtedly mastered hundreds of millions of traffic for word of mouth. For restaurants on the word of mouth, these flows are potential. customer.

2, smart POS machine, solve marketing and payment

As the engine of the smart restaurant, the intelligent POS on the word of mouth can realize the order and cashier of the merchant, the connection of the front hall and the kitchen, the basic report and the marketing activities, realize the digitalization of the whole process, and provide the business with a clearer user portrait and different The crowd develops a personalized marketing plan.

3. Process reengineering to solve operational efficiency

Let’s look at the whole consumption process: customers can use the mobile phone to complete the order, and they can directly enjoy the service when they go to the store. When the merchants access the word-of-mouth mobile phone order, they can realize all the online products, and they can make smart recommendations for the dishes and reduce consumption. The decision-making time of the person improves the efficiency of restaurant operation.

Ma Yun’s smart restaurant is now beginning to bear fruit. At the beginning of 2018, Wufangzhai opened the country’s first smart restaurant in Wensan Road, Hangzhou. After only half a year of operation, its operating income increased by 40%, the human efficiency increased by 3 times, and the turnover rate increased by 37%. Said the catering industry efficiency innovation model.

After Wufangzhai, a large number of smart restaurants such as Wei Duomei, Master Kong, and Bread New Language opened one after another, setting off a “smart restaurant style”.

With the word of mouth and hungry, the catering platform joined the double eleven for the first time this year. Starbucks, KFC, Pizza Hut, Haidilao and many other dining cafés also added. The addition of these businesses has made this year’s double eleven become the online and offline carnival for the first time, and also promoted the pace of smart upgrades in the national catering industry.

It is foreseeable that the arrogance that Ma Yun has blown is almost realized.