Double eleven push new game, e-commerce platform competes for offline traffic

The E-Commerce carnival double 11 is getting closer and closer, and each platform is looking for new topics and growth points. In the past year’s “Double Eleven”, all the main battlefields of E-Commerce platforms were placed online, but in the past two years, “double eleven”, Ali, Jingdong, Suning and other E-Commerce platforms have begun to strengthen online and offline linkages, E-Commerce Competition between platforms also goes from offline to offline.

On October 17, Suning Tesco announced that this year’s “Double Eleven” theme is “On the Internet Street Suning”, the launch of the double 11 preemptive activities, the introduction of online and offline can receive and use the shopping subsidies, will launch the country 1 Wanjia full-service store participation. As a transformation E-Commerce from the bottom line, Suning Tesco will become the main battlefield of the event under the double eleventh line. It is obvious that it wants to connect through the scenes and open up the online and offline channels.

Two days later, Tmall 2018 “Double Eleven” also announced the official start. For the first time, the “Double 11 Partners” program was launched. Consumers can use the APP of Ali to accumulate energy in exchange for the Tmall shopping red envelope; the online consumption scenes such as box horse, word of mouth, and hungry in Ali Eco. And Yintai Mall, Real Home, RT-Mart and other stores will join the Tmall Double 11. It can be seen that Ali also pays more attention to the ecological effects of online and offline linkages this year.

At the same time, Jingdong also launched the 2018 Jingdong Global Good Things Festival kick-off meeting. It is reported that the offline store resources of the “Double 11” Jingdong collection include innovative formats such as Jingdong Home and Jingdong Convenience Store in the country, as well as Jingdong and Lenovo. , five-star electrical appliances, TCL and many other brands to cooperate with innovative stores; in addition, Jingdong also teamed up with bank outlets, operator stores and other partners. Judging from the frequent actions of the above E-Commerce giants, the warfare of the Double Eleven has been extended from the line to the offline.

The Double Eleven has reached its tenth year. With the development of the Internet and the mobile Internet, China’s retail industry has experienced the E-Commerce theory from the very beginning, to the later pure E-Commerce, to the next two years. Resources and scenarios are gradually gaining market recognition. In this context, the past pure E-Commerce companies are also trying to move down the line, to increase the traffic to the offline, and the competition for offline traffic has become an important means for Internet E-Commerce to profit.

Compared with last year, Ali has moved the E-Commerce carnival from online to 400 cities offline, using Ali’s powerful ecosystem to help the double 11. For example, the cooperation between Tmall and RT-Mart will not only introduce the online red products into the store, replenish the goods, but also increase the traffic entrance for RT-Mart.

Jingdong has also made a lot of efforts online this year. For example, the first time to participate in the double 11 Jingdong 7FRESH online launch a series of activities including “7FRESH morning market” and “7FRESH night market”. In addition, nearly 600,000 stores such as Jingdong Home, Wal-Mart, and 7-11 stood in the camp of Jingdong “Double Eleven”. The surface is the opposite of the gameplay, and behind the flow is the dark battle.

Previously, almost every double eleven counts would mention the strong contrast between online carnival and offline. With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, along with the continuous breakthrough of various technologies and the improvement of consumer demand for service experience under the consumption upgrade, it is constantly proposed how to get online and offline, how to integrate, E-Commerce platform begins to focus on online Lower linkage effect. It is not yet known where the retail industry will go in the future.