“Double Eleven” all beings: e-commerce madness WeChat waist

What does November 11 mean?

For Tencent, this is the birthday of the company; for Ali, this is the day of its own IP – “Global Carnival”; for JD.com, this is the battle for Ali and must be All in; For Suning, this is the best opportunity to show “the sense of existence”; for Baidu, Sina, Sohu, etc., this is the golden autumn that harvests “E-Commerce tax” – pop-up full-screen ads of Tmall, Jingdong and Suning frequently. This will greatly reduce the user’s experience; for the second-line and below E-Commerce companies such as Jieduo, Gome, Vipshop, Jumeiyou, Baby Tree, etc., it is a free-riding opportunity…

The “crazy” caused by carnival has reached a new high

Under the advertising campaigns such as Tmall and Jingdong, it is not only Baidu, Sina and other pop-up windows, but also the Wechat, which has always been “clean”, and “waist”.

Attentive users will find that on the right side of the Wechat input method menu, the Tmall “Double Eleven” LOGO appears quietly, and after clicking, it will directly enter the Tmall “Double Eleven” app. Perhaps it is the feeling of Jingdong, the two sides have not much publicity about this unprecedented cooperation, but in the industry’s view, in the current impact of the game business, Tencent’s further commercialization of Wechat should be more urgent than before. The launch of Tmall for this is also a birthday gift to Tencent.

The “crazy” of E-Commerce in advertising is ultimately to stimulate consumers to “crazy” when shopping. Not surprisingly, this year’s “Double Eleven”, under their respective statistical caliber, the turnover of Tmall and Jingdong players will inevitably hit a new high.

At 22:56 on November 10, Jingdong announced that its “11.11 Global Good Things Festival” accumulated more than 100 billion yuan.

At 1:47:26 on November 11, Tmall announced that the transaction amount has exceeded 100 billion yuan, and it took 9 hours to reach the figure in 2017. At that time, these 9 hours were also a record.

At 1:20 on November 11, Netease koala data showed that Netease koala exceeded the 2017 “Double Eleven” all-day sales in 78 minutes.

In the early morning of November 11, Hou Enlong, the president of Suning Tesco, announced the “Double Eleven” real-time battle report – 4 seconds to break 100 million yuan, 50 seconds to break 1 billion yuan. Insiders of Suning revealed that as of 12:00 on November 11, Suning Tesco’s online order volume increased by 138% year-on-year, and the volume of offline orders increased by 52% year-on-year.

As of press time, the turnover of Ali and JD.com continued to rise rapidly, and various records were exposed one after another.

At 15:49:39 on November 11, Tmall‘s “Double Eleven” turnover exceeded 168.2 billion, exceeding the 2017 Tmall “Double Eleven” all-day trading volume. This means that the turnover from this moment until 24 o’clock is an increase after breaking the record.

At 14:00 on November 11th, Jingdong’s “11.11 Global Good Things Festival” started at 0:00 on November 1st, and the accumulated order amount exceeded RMB 135.4 billion.

Compared with Ali, Jingdong, Suning and other “live” of the transaction volume, the “double eleven” data of other E-Commerce will be released on November 12. However, in the industry’s view, compared with the “Double Eleven” in previous years, under the situation that the Matthew effect is getting stronger, the E-Commerce companies outside Ali and JD will be during the “Double Eleven” period. More and more become the role of “eat melon”.

The sense of ritual is on the way

The live “digital” is boring. From 2015, Tmall began the “Double Eleven” Carnival Night on November 10. Nowadays, this large-scale performance known as “Cat Night” is not inferior to the Spring Festival Evening to the Spring Festival in the importance of Tmall “Double Eleven”. It’s hard to imagine what would happen if the Spring Festival is not Spring Festival.

According to data from the third-party rating monitoring company Cool Cloud, as of 23:30 on November 10, Zhejiang Satellite TV and Oriental TV “Tmall “Double Eleven” Carnival Night” accounted for more than 18% of the market, including Zhejiang Satellite TV. The 12% market share ranks first in all the same time in the country, which means that with Youku’s Internet live broadcast, more than 240 million people watched the cat night.

Although Tmall‘s main business is not entertainment, but for four consecutive years, “cat night” has become the trend of the entertainment industry. On November 9, the State Administration of Radio and Television issued a notice requesting the variety show of Shangxing. “The total pay for all guests in each program must not exceed 40% of the total cost of the program. The main guest pays no more than 70% of the total guest pay.” In the industry’s view, although “cat night” has gathered a large number of first-line stars, it will not touch the above-mentioned red line. “Because many stars are rushing to go to the cat night, they don’t care about paying for it.”

Compared with the “cat night” which was held in one session, the “East Night” held by Jingdong is a short experience. In the industry’s view, Jingdong, which lacks entertainment genes, is more willing to spend more on warehousing and logistics than this high-investment entertainment project.

To a certain extent, whether it is a party or an advertisement, it is part of the E-Commerce to create a “ceremonial feeling”, and it does play a role in stimulating the “adrenal gland” of consumers. But then, the E-Commerce‘s various routines on discount sales are often in the interest of consumers. In some industry groups, even professional reporters in the TMT field, in the face of various complicated preferential terms, will inevitably be full of frustration.

The “double eleven” that has been prepared for several months is about to end. After the “double eleven” shackles, there is also a double 12 that is much smaller. But for most E-Commerce practitioners, after the “double eleven”, it means that the war in 2018 and this year is over.