Double 11:1919 Tmall flagship store sales exceed 100 million yuan

On November 13th, the first “Double 11” after the full integration into Ali, the sales of Alcoholic Platform Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “1919”) was close to 150 million yuan. In 1919, he told the Beijing Business Daily that Ali strategic investment 1919 brought new retail empowerment in brand, governance, resources, flow and technology. In combination with the new retail concept, 1919 focused on the new service model during the “Double 11” event, and also made the 1919 and Tmall after the Ali system form a strategic synergy.

According to the data provided by 1919, the sales performance of the “Double 11” 1919 in the Tmall platform is second only to the Maotai flagship store in the wine rankings, and the sales of the 1919 Tmall flagship store exceeded 100 million yuan. Not only that, 1919’s fast drink app sales of 47 million yuan. In this regard, 1919 told the Beijing Business Daily that this year, under the premise that the liquor E-Commerce does not fight the price war, the innovation of the model and service has become the main way for enterprises to attract consumers and manufacturers. Specifically, during the “Double 11” period, enterprises will open up online and offline marketing activities, synchronize large-scale shopping allowances and red envelopes, and provide personalized product selection, intelligent shopping guide, user conversion, fission marketing, and network red traffic. In other ways, operate online and offline new retail play.

Backed by Alibaba, 1919 reorganized the business structure and identified six major sectors: E-Commerce, chain management, supply chain, information technology, data marketing, and urban warehousing and logistics. In the channel layout, 1,200 stores in more than 500 cities in 1919 have been fully connected to the smart stores before the “Double 11” and become the front warehouse of “Tmall Double 11”. It is understood that as of 0:00 on November 12, within 19 hours, 89% of the 1919 cats double 11 orders have been shipped out of the warehouse, of which 72% completed the delivery.

1919 believes that combining the performance of the company during the “Double 11” period means that the new retail model of 1919 has entered the harvest period. According to industry insiders, the 1919, which is fully integrated into the Ali system, can be broadened in terms of sales channels, which is conducive to increasing product market share and penetration rate, and is more conducive to consolidating existing cooperation between the two parties and future resource sharing.

It is reported that in mid-October, 1919, Alibaba Group received a strategic investment of 2 billion, and Alibaba held about 29% of its shares, becoming the second largest shareholder of 1919. The incident was seen by the industry as a sign of integration into the Ali system. Yang Lingjiang, founder and chairman of 1919, said that after joining the Ali Ecosphere, the 1919 business lines will play a new potential, deep integration online and offline, and create a “drinking service solution and operation platform” to bring users The richer “ordering wine + ordering” experience is expected to be 8 billion GMF in 2018. Beginning in 2019, 1919 will open a new five-year expansion plan, and strive to achieve the goal of 100 billion GMV in 2023.

Another point of view pointed out that Alibaba’s capital’s promotion of the 1919 performance recovery is evident from the performance of the 1919 “Double 11” period. In fact, the loss of 1919 has further narrowed in recent years. The semi-annual report released earlier shows that while the operating income of the company has increased by 19.9%, the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company has also increased simultaneously, with an increase of 51.05%. . At the same time, Alibaba, which is advancing the “five new” strategy including new retail, is considering the big market of wine and beverage as a suitable block for new retail layout. The 1919 has a new retail model of alcohol and beverages, years of experience in the wine circulation industry, and a business system of online and offline integration, which has a high degree of fit with Alibaba’s strategic design. It is expected that the performance of the next 1919 will usher in a better performance.