Double 11 three squirrels have omni-channel sales of 682 million yuan

On November 12th, as of 4:00 on November 11, the three squirrels handed over the seventh double eleven transcript. The sales of the two 11 squirrels reached 682 million yuan, an increase of 30.51% compared with 522 million yuan in 2017. Among them, the three squirrels Tmall flagship stores have achieved sales of 451 million yuan.

According to the data of the Tmall platform, the sales of the three squirrels are the sum of the second to the ninth sales of the Tmall food industry, and the sum of the sales of the second and third places accounts for 65% of the three squirrels. The three squirrels took the top eight in the industry. According to statistics, the three squirrel flagship stores have 22 visitors, which is Tmall‘s most popular brand store.

In addition, the number of fans in the three squirrel flagship stores has exceeded 20 million. It is currently the largest number of fans in all Tmall brand stores, surpassing Uniqlo, Handu Yishe, Xiaomi and other brands.