“Double 11” set of deep: rough look at the game is fiercer than the tiger

“It’s not an alarm that wakes me up every morning.”

“Is it a dream?”

“Wrong, it’s ‘double 11’ chasing people who want you to like.”

With the approach of “Double 11”, are there more and more people who want you to praise?

Maybe you have already learned about this year’s “Double 11” gameplay, whether passive or active. This year’s Tmall “Double 11” first launched the “Double 11 Partner” program – consumers can use Ali’s APP to accumulate energy values ​​in exchange for Tmall shopping red packets.

partner? Are there three partners in your mind, all the way through the thorns, a minute to complete a “small goal”, embark on the peak of life?

However, in reality, many consumers are not paying attention to this “double 11” gameplay, and all the netizens are constantly voicing.

“If you order one person at a time, you have to point every day and get bored.”

“As far as this game is concerned, it is because I have made these shares.”

“You don’t believe it when you say it. I was blacked out by the girlfriend who spent two years with me, just because I didn’t give her a compliment.”

“Lanzan’s energy, all kinds of unidentified gifts, really better than direct discounts!”

Isn’t there any benefit to this kind of accumulation game? Of course there are.

“The students who did not contact in five or six years, because this started to start the news again.”

“The three years ago, the predecessor, because of this plus Wechat.”

“A lot of friends told me to send me a 10 yuan red envelope and ask for harassment. I suddenly felt that the door to the rich was open to me.”

“I used to be an introvert, because this face is thicker, I just want to share it with you, even if you feel you hate it.”

However, as long as the overtime pay is enough, it doesn’t matter if the cows do the horse. In the same way, as long as the goods are affordable, it doesn’t matter if the skin is thick.

You think too much, and the gains you get from the collection are often not proportional to the thickness of your skin.

“There is less than a few dollars, and the owed people are tens of thousands.” This is the true portrayal of the “Double 11” collection.

“A look at the game is fiercer than the tiger, and the discount is two.”

“I don’t want to give me a golden egg at the end, because I shared the link and I was kicked out of the eight Wechat groups.”

And this kind of game called social E-Commerce can be described as full of routines, the game “open bow without turning back arrows”, as long as the participation has to continue, otherwise it will be abandoned.

“After playing for a few days, I found that it was not enough to find someone who would help me to praise. Because I lost, the energy that was accumulated before was gone.” The netizens who actually participated in the event told the reporter.

The key is to finally get what you know. The current disclosure is 100 energy for 1 yuan red envelope, but does the red envelope have a large face value? Whether the red envelope is universal or not, there are no more rules to disclose.

Some stores stipulate that a single red envelope can be stacked up to 10 at most. If they are all 1 yuan red envelope, it means a discount of 20 yuan, the strength of the offer is really not big.

“It would be okay if I could give a thousand dollars in the gift package.”

You think more. From the historical experience, the incentives will not be too great. For example, in the Spring Festival of 2018, Wufu was set up, and over 250 million people gathered in Wufu, with a per capita share of 2 yuan. Finally, I will say “focus on participation” to comfort you.

At present, even if it is a master of praise, the energy is about 20,000 or so, and it is converted into a red envelope, about 200 yuan.

This is just the “double 11″ slot this year, and the previous routine still exists.

Generally speaking, the merchant may require the consumer to make a time payment, but the order will be cancelled without any reason; the deposit and the deposit are not divided and are not refundable.

There may also be discounts after the price increase first; the fictional situation is fictitious and the actual disagreement; the full reduction is only a single category or a single store, and finally the consumer buys more and more, and the money is a lot of money.

Xiao Jie (pseudonym), who participates in the “Double 11” activity every year, is currently exhausted. She said, “Now the ‘Double 11’ activity is too much trouble, and all kinds of red envelopes, seeds, prepayments, etc. are too hot to burn the brain. The more you buy, the more you buy.”

Xiao Jie also said that some flagship stores will return to the E-Commerce platform at the end of the “Double 11” in the past year. They will compete for the first-class sales or the first amount of consumption in the industry. The last hour or even the last minute will start selling blessing bags, one thousand yuan. There are hundreds of dollars, and there are consumers who believe in it, and send you a set of genuine or small samples, and then refund the money.

The relevant person in charge of the E-Commerce research center reminded consumers when interviewed by reporters. During the “Double 11” period, the rules of activities of major merchants are not the same. Consumers must understand the rules of promotional activities before online shopping, and keep screenshots of promotional activities. The merchant makes a screenshot of the promise and so on.